Introducing recommended herbal medicines that are effective for swelling.

Many people have experienced swelling, such as swollen feet in the evening and swollen face when they wake up in the morning. There is no pain or swelling, and it tends to go unnoticed over time. Let's take a closer look at what edema is, how edema is caused, how it occurs, and how to prevent and improve edema.

Find out in this article

  • What is swelling?
  • Cause of swelling
  • Swelling prevention and remedy
  • Let's improve swelling with Chinese medicine

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What is swelling

Edema is the accumulation of excess fluid in the subcutaneous tissue beneath the skin . Also called edema. If your feet are swollen in the evening and your shoes feel tight, or your face feels puffy when you wake up in the morning, it is often due to swelling. As a way to check if there is swelling, press the swollen area with your finger for 10 to 20 seconds, and then release your finger quickly. I can say Swelling can also make you feel sluggish, heavy, and tired, especially in your legs.

Cause of swelling

There are several possible causes of swelling. First, as a mechanism that causes swelling, swelling is caused by a decrease in blood flow in the body. Oxygen and nutrients needed by the body are delivered to the body by blood. At that time, carbon dioxide and waste products made from cells are received and returned to the heart. This is because when the muscles of the body move, the blood flow is encouraged and blood is returned to the heart, but when the muscles do not move, the blood flow becomes stagnant and swelling occurs.

  • For transient swelling
    1. Swelling due to immobility of muscles : If you work at a desk or stand for a long time without moving your muscles, the calf pumping action that returns blood to the heart weakens and blood flow weakens, resulting in swelling. To do.
    2. Swelling from too much salt: Swelling from too much salt is caused by the body's ability to maintain a constant salt concentration, which causes the body to retain water in an attempt to dilute the salt concentration.
    3. Swelling due to changes in female hormones : During menopause, estrogen decreases and the balance of female hormones is disturbed, and the autonomic nerves that control vasoconstriction and dilation tend to be disturbed. It is believed that the disturbance of the autonomic nervous system leads to poor blood circulation and swelling.
  • For chronic swelling
    • Swelling can also occur if there is a problem with organs such as the heart, kidneys, or liver. It is characterized by the fact that it often does not heal even after a few days. In this case, it is recommended that you consult a medical institution as there is a possibility that you have a hidden illness.

How to improve swelling

There are several measures to prevent and improve swelling that can be started immediately, so if you feel swelling enough to worry about, try the following methods. Exercise, diet, and other things you can easily incorporate into your daily life, so let's start to the extent that you don't feel stressed.


Swelling caused by stagnation of bodily fluids such as blood and lymph. Stretching is a quick and easy way to clear this stagnation. It can be improved just by stretching the whole leg, such as the neck and shoulders, where you usually don't notice it. Even just bending your knees and turning your ankles will change the flow of blood considerably. If you have the time and place, light jogging or yoga is also good.


Bathing is recommended because the blood flow improves when the body warms up . It's best to soak in a lukewarm bath, but if you don't have a bathtub or don't have time, just a footbath is also effective.

It is also effective to massage the swollen area to improve the flow of blood and lymph . Start by massaging the extremities of the body, such as the feet and hands, farthest from the heart. By massaging from the extremities toward the lymph nodes, the flow of lymph is promoted more. If the entire foot is swollen, massage from the tip of the foot toward the base of the foot.

drink enough water

You might think that to prevent bloating, you should drink less water so that your body doesn't retain excess water. However, when the human body feels that there is not enough water, it works to retain water somehow, so water accumulates in the body. Even if you have a lot of water in your body, not drinking water can actually cause swelling, so be sure to drink enough water.

Eat foods that are good for bloating

Potassium is an effective nutrient for swelling. Potassium has the function of excreting sodium (salt) from the body as urine . Typical foods that contain potassium include bananas, apples, spinach, Japanese mustard spinach, and avocados. Other vegetables and fruits contain a lot of it, so be sure to take it actively. However, if you have kidney problems, consult your doctor, as too much potassium can cause pulse problems.

Also, protein is said to improve swelling. A protein called albumin in the blood plays an important role in preventing swelling. Albumin is involved in the regulation of the amount of water in and outside the blood vessels, and when the amount of albumin in the blood is insufficient, water flows out of the blood vessels, causing swelling. Keeping the right amount of protein in your blood can help prevent swelling1).

Avoid foods that cause swelling

The body always works to keep the salt concentration in the body constant. So when your diet is high in salt, your body retains water in an attempt to reduce its salt concentration. As a result, water accumulates and swelling occurs2 ). Processed foods are often made with a high salt content, so try to choose a menu that does not consume too much salt.

Also, many people may feel that the swelling is terrible the day after drinking alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic, so it dehydrates your body. In addition, the blood vessels in the body dilate, which temporarily improves blood circulation, but the body becomes dehydrated and drinking a lot of water causes swelling.


For those who are concerned about swelling even though they take care of the diet, exercise, and massage mentioned above, there is also a method to improve it with Chinese medicine. Kampo is not something that can be effective in an instant, so it's a good idea to make it a daily habit like a meal.

In addition, in Chinese medicine, there is an idea to eat a lot of root vegetables, fermented foods, ginger, etc., which warm the body and improve blood circulation, and to avoid sweet foods such as white sugar, which cool the body . In this way, you can also incorporate the knowledge of oriental medicine into your regular diet . It is also recommended because it will also give you knowledge to get closer to a healthy body.

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Effective herbal medicine for swelling

In Oriental medicine, it is believed that swelling occurs when water is not drained well, and is called water retention. In a body with water retention, water metabolism is poor and water is stagnant in the body. There are several Kampo medicines that can be used for people with this "water retention", so if the swelling does not improve, it may be a good idea to consider Kampo medicines.


It is considered one of the three major herbal medicines in obstetrics and gynecology. It's a Chinese medicine that can also be recommended for swelling improvement. It improves hydration and removes excess water . It also promotes blood circulation and improves coldness of the legs. When the body retains water, it loses the ability to warm itself up on its own, and you always feel cold. Suitable for someone.


Kamishoyosan is also one of the three major herbal medicines for obstetrics and gynecology. Contains herbal medicines that improve blood flow and herbal medicines that cool the upper body . It improves blood flow throughout the body and dissipates accumulated heat, so we recommend Kamishoyosan for those who tend to feel hot flashes and dry mouth.


The cinnamon bark contained in Keishibukuryogan is the bark of the same genus and species as the cinnamon used in fragrance. It mainly improves blood circulation and removes swelling and congestion . Swelling and dullness of the legs are caused by congestion in the lower body, so swelling can be improved by promoting blood flow. In addition, it is said to be effective for headaches, stiff shoulders, dizziness, hot flashes, coldness in the lower body, and gynecological disorders associated with menstrual disorders.


Goreisan works as a diuretic to expel excess water from the body . It releases only unnecessary water for the body, so it is effective when unnecessary water is temporarily accumulated in the body. Especially suitable for body swelling caused by hangover. It is also suitable for those with dry mouth and decreased urine output.


There is a work to adjust the water metabolism of the body, and there is also a work to remove the heat that is in the body. It improves swelling, difficulty urinating, hot flashes in the face and limbs, etc. in people who are prone to fatigue and have dry mouth.

How to get effective herbal medicine for swelling

Kampo is available at hospitals, Kampo clinics, Kampo pharmacies, drug stores, and online .

At hospitals and clinics, you can rest assured that you will be interviewed and treated by a doctor, but please be aware that there are medical treatments covered by insurance and private medical treatments that are not covered by insurance.

There is no medical examination by a doctor, but a Kampo pharmacy will prescribe the appropriate Kampo medicine on the spot after checking the color of the tongue and interviews. The cost is high because it is not covered by insurance, but they prescribe high-quality herbal medicine. The easiest way is to buy it at a drug store. However, if you don't have the knowledge, you don't know which one to choose, and you need to be careful because you may overdose depending on the combination. There are many things that are less than the content of the prescription herbal medicine.

See a doctor and get a prescription

Kampo medicine in Japan has a history of more than 30 years since insurance coverage started in 1976, and there are currently about 140 types of ethical Kampo medicines that have been proven to be effective. And most of them are covered by health insurance. Some have immediate effects, while others can be effective after several months for chronic symptoms. You can rest assured that we will prescribe the appropriate herbal medicine for your health condition and symptoms . Some hospitals have a department that specializes in Chinese herbal medicine, called Kampo Internal Medicine.

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Kampo may not be effective if it is not taken correctly. Excessive intake or taking multiple herbal medicines at the same time may disturb the balance of the herbal medicines contained in each herbal medicine and diminish its effectiveness. Since some medicines have contradictory effects and compatibility, it is recommended to take them according to the advice of experts such as doctors and pharmacists who have correct knowledge .

"I want to try Kampo, but I don't know which one to choose." "I don't have the knowledge." There is an online Kampo purchase service that is perfect for women who have concerns or questions about Kampo. In the Kampo online purchase service, you can take a simple free medical interview on LINE, and medical experts such as gynecologists and pharmacists will propose high-quality Kampo that suits you at a price that makes it easy to continue. .

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Many people have experienced swelling at least once. Most of them are transient and not illnesses, so we tend to put up with it or wait for time to resolve it, but it would be nice if the face and legs looked refreshed. In addition to the prevention and improvement methods introduced in this article that can be easily done in the living environment, please try to incorporate Chinese medicine suitable for swelling.

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2) Paller MS, Schrier RW. Pathogenesis of sodium and water retention in edematous disorders.1982