AMH Check (ovarian age)
AMH Check (ovarian age)
AMH Check (ovarian age)
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AMH Check (ovarian age)

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You can self-check your "ovarian age" from the value of AMH, a hormone that correlates with the number of remaining eggs.
If you would like to test hormones other than AMH related to fertility, please use Women's Fertility Check . Women's Fertility Check can comprehensively measure multiple hormones including AMH.


There is overlap in the hormones measured by each of the canvas test kits, therefore we will not process more than one kit at a time. (It is not possible to register multiple kits at the same time.) Click here for details

For frequently asked questions, please visit the canvas help center .

Note: Those who are taking birth control pills (medicine used for the purpose of contraception, irregular menstruation, and dysmenorrhea ) may use this kit.

The expiry date of the test kit is 3 months from the date of purchase .

By proceeding with your purchase, you agree to the terms of use and the notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions


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Four features of canvas

  • Test at home even on busy days
  • Accurate testing of mail-in samples
  • Result reviewed by doctors
  • Free consultations with medical practitioners

How it works

  1. Order

    Order a kit that fits you, then answer the questionnaire online at your convenience.

  2. Blood collection and submission

    Take blood from your fingertips, mail it to our testing center

  3. Receive your result

    Check the result on your page, whenever you like.

  4. Advice from canvas

    If you get results that concern you, our affiliated clinics are available.

  5. Free consultation

    You can consult with our doctors and pharmacists for free.

  6. For those who wish

    We also prescribe medications. (Currently only kampo offered in Japan)

What kind of hormones do you test?

We test the hormone called AMH.

  • AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) is a hormone secreted by follicles during development. The value reflects how many eggs remain in the ovaries (called "ovarian reserve").
  • Pregnancy is related to the quality and number of eggs, and the quality of eggs correlates with age, so the AMH value (number of eggs) does not equal the pregnancy rate. However, since it can be considered as an indicator of how long fertility treatment can be done, it is useful for considering life plans such as whether to have children and when to start trying to conceive. In addition, if AMH is too high, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is suspected, so measuring AMH also leads to the detection of the disease.
Source: Seifer DB, Baker VL, Leader B. Age-specific serum anti-Müllerian hormone values for 17,120 women presenting to fertility centers within the United States. Fertil Steril 2011; 2: 747-750 * AMH is also measured in the Women's Fertility Check. In addition, the Women's Fertility Check allows you to check ovulation function and thyroid function comprehensively. If you want to do a more detailed self-check, please select the Women's Fertility Check. *1 Refers to the average ± standard deviation range for each age group, which includes about 68% of people.

What this hormone test tells you

  1. A measure of how many eggs you have compared to people your age
  2. Estimated number of eggs retrieved for egg freezing and IVF
  3. A prediction of early or late menopause

Why canvas

You can easily order online and test at home

canvas is designed for those who is reluctant to see a doctor, or for those who don't like the long waits at a clinic: You can have your hormones tested or order kampo from home at your convenience.

You can receive personalized care from doctors and pharmacists

Doctors provide easy-to-understand comments about hormones and your physical condition, which can be difficult to understand due to lack of time at a doctor's office. In addition, our pharmacists are always available for consultation regarding kampo.

You can learn what actions to take

You will be able to learn how hormones affect your physical condition, pregnancy, menopause, etc., and what options you have based on your results.

We continue to support you by offering follow-up care options.

Partner clinic

If you feel that you need to see a doctor after receiving the test results, our affiliated clinics are available.

  • 場所 Ginza
    Kusuhara Women's Clinic
  • 場所 Nihonbashi
    Fika Ladies Clinic
  • 場所 Marunouchi
    Marunouchi Forest Ladies Clinic

Self care

We provide self-care tips to control your hormones: everyday tips with specific and easy-to-understand evidence showing positive effects on hormones.

  • Kampo
  • Excercise
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Mental care

Our hormone tests have supported a lot of women with their women's health concerns.

Are you satisfied with our at-home hormone test?
After taking this test, did you think about your life plans for fertility, promotions, changing jobs etc.?

After taking this test, do you think you have gained knowledge about female hormones or female specific diseases?

Do you plan to take hormone tests regularly?
* Results from a total of 47 people, 10 in their 20's, 32 in their 30's, and 5 in their 40's

What our customers say

I learned about my physical condition with a hormone test. It had a great impact on my family and career planning.
The reason I decided to take this test was because I suddenly started having irregular periods. However, it was very difficult for me to explain to my company that I wanted to visit a doctor [for this reason] since my concern was not considered serious. Besides, even though I managed to make an appointment with a doctor during my period which obviously only happens once in a month, I had to postpone it for another month due to my business trip - I was already exhausted just by making an appointment. I wish I knew about this service earlier.

S.S / 30's

Thank you for letting me take canvas test!
It really helped me rethink about my own health and wellness.

M.K / 20's

This is a revolutionary tool for people who do not have access to a gynecologist or who are too busy to see one. I would like to tell everybody about canvas so that a lot of women can get their questions answered, or think about thier life plans. 

N.H / 30's

If you don't ovulate normally for a long period of time, the symptoms may progress without you noticing.

Let's find out the root cause of your concerns with hormone tests or a visit to a doctor and improve your quality of life.

canvas will support you as you take control of your homones, and your daily wellness.

Click here for frequently asked questions