Kampo by canvas : Personalized Kampo Subscription

Kampo by canvas is a service that OBGYN and pharmacists prescribe personalized Kampo after a 3 minute chat via LINE. 

* Currently only offered in Japanese 

You can order kampo (traditional Japanese medicine) from home with the same quality you get from a pharmacy.
Kampo by canvas is a service that allows you to find out which Kampo medicine best suits your physical condition and concerns specific to women by talking to a pharmacist via LINE. Kampo has been known to treat a variety of symptoms, and in particular, it is widely known to be very effective for women's concerns. 

Currently, we only provide Kampo that are used to treat female hormone imbalances.

Three features of Kampo by canvas

  • Personalized kampo that addresses
    your worries and body
    Kampo by canvas is a service that allows you to find out which Kampo medicine best suits your physical condition and concerns specific to women by talking to a pharmacist via LINE.
  • High quality herbal medicine
    at an affordable price
    Usually it costs about 30,000 to 50,000 yen a month at a traditional kampo pharmacy to get personalized kampo, which is too costly to continue. However, our online phamacy offers the same high-quality kampo at a lower price.
  • LINE consultation
    with pharmacists

    Consult a pharmacist anytime on LINE. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns. You can change kampo anytime by talking to a pharmacist.

How it works

  1. Quick consultation on LINE

    After friending us on LINE, please answer a 3-minute questionnaire supervised by a gynecologist.

  2. Personalized Kampo for you

    We will suggest the most suitable kampo for you based on your consultation.

  3. Delivered at your convenience

    Please purchase if you are satisfied with the proposed medication and our professional medical team will support you.

We at canvas, offer a new self-care lifestyle by combining ancient wisdom and modern science.

Kampo, a Japanese traditional medicine, has been used for women's troubles since ancient times. Mental and physical disorders, especially in women, are called “Chi no Michisho (symptoms related to blood),'' and kampo medicines for that condition contain herbs to improve blood circulation.

Western medicine works to alleviate each of the problems, but kampo medicine (Eastern medicine) looks not only at symptom management, but also looks at the person's constitution and the whole body. It is a medicine that restores the body to its ideal state by using its own healing power. Therefore, it is said to be effective even for symptoms that do not have a disease name.

However, we may overlook important causes or solutions if we only look at it solely from the perspective of Eastern medicine, since there is evidence that using Western medicine and surgeries can also be effective.

Therefore, with certified gynecologists, we created a kampo questionnaire with your hormones in mind: we offer kampo that suits you with modern science. You can also consult our pharmacists about your health anytime.

Depending on your consultation, we may recommend that you visit a doctor, and our at-home hormone test kit will guide you through the steps until the visit.

With the knowledge of hormone experts, canvas combines Western and Eastern, ancient and modern wisdom to support your self-care life.


Thanks to canvas, I was able to create a habit of taking care of myself by taking kampo everyday. Kampo by canvas is a supportive partner to me since I always feel free to chat about my physical condition on LINE. I feel less tired after starting canvas's kampo.


I started taking Kampo by canvas to alleviate the symptoms of menopause. I feel that hot flashes are now less likely to occur. Above all, I am happy to achieve this with kampo that I think works in a relatively mild way and that I feel comfortable taking regularly. I also feel that my emotions are stable these days.


Understanding the root cause of your problems through an interview by a doctor and the suitable kampo prescription is the first step to improve your quality of life. 
Our free LINE consultation will support the journey.

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