Menopause check sheet! How many are you?

"Recently, I have hot flashes and sluggishness."

If you are in your 40s and 50s and have physical and mental disorders, it may be a physical condition caused by menopause. In this article, we introduce a sheet that allows you to check the symptoms of menopause. What you know is the following.

Find out in this article

  • What is menopause? Definition of menopause and average age
  • What are the common symptoms of menopause? With 10 self-check sheets
  • Estimated hospital visit after checking the check sheet

If you want to know how much you apply to the symptoms of menopause, please read to the end.

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What is menopause? Explanation of definitions and average age

Menopause is generally defined as the 10-year period of 5 years before and 5 years after menopause .

In women, the function of the ovaries gradually declines from around the mid-40s, and female hormones decrease. Finally, menopause occurs and menstruation ceases. There are individual differences in the age at which menopause occurs, but the average age of menopause in Japan is about 50 years old.

And as female hormones fluctuate and go down during menopause, various unpleasant symptoms may appear even though it is not a disease. These symptoms are called “menopausal symptoms”. Furthermore, if the symptoms are severe enough to affect your daily life, it may be menopause.

Let's do the menopause self-check sheet!

Menopausal age people have various problems, and if you are worried about menopausal symptoms, let's do a simple self-check first!

Check to see if any of the 10 symptoms below apply to you.

(1) The face and upper body become hot (hot)
② Easy to sweat
③I get angry and irritable ④I feel depressed, anxious, and unmotivated ⑤I can't sleep well, I wake up early
⑥ Easy to get tired, dullness ⑦ Cold hands and feet
⑧ Chest pounding, chest tightness, shortness of breath
⑨ Headache or dizziness
⑩ Stiff shoulders and neck, pain in the waist and back

The above items are some of the symptoms seen in menopause. The symptoms of menopause vary from person to person, and multiple symptoms may occur at the same time.

What if there are many applicable items?

If there are many items that apply to you on the check sheet, consider visiting a medical institution.

One of the reasons why it is recommended to visit a medical institution is that the symptoms that apply to the check sheet may not necessarily be due to menopause .

For example, depression may be hidden when you feel depressed or anxious. In the unlikely event that a disease other than menopause is found, treatment by a specialist may be necessary. In diagnosing menopause, it is important to identify whether it is a symptom of another disease.

In addition, even in the case of menopausal disorders, it is often improved by appropriate treatment at a medical institution. For example, hormone drugs prescribed by medical institutions are effective for hot flashes during menopause1). If the symptoms of menopause are painful, don't put up with it and consider visiting a gynecologist or menopausal outpatient!

When there are few applicable items

Even if there are few applicable items , if you are concerned, consider visiting a medical institution.

The check sheet is just a part of the symptoms seen in menopause. Depending on the medical institution, you can receive a more accurate diagnosis, such as using a check sheet that scores according to the severity of symptoms.

Even if there are few applicable items, depending on the severity of the symptoms, treatment at a medical institution may be necessary, so it is safe to consult a medical institution if you are concerned.

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When does pre-menopause start? I will also tell you about the symptoms.

Incorporating Chinese herbal medicine may lead to alleviation of various symptoms

Taking herbal medicine is also effective for painful menopausal symptoms. Kampo medicine comprehensively reviews various things such as the person's constitution and lifestyle, and gradually improves symptoms from the inside of the body. There are various herbal medicines, but the herbal medicines that are effective for menopausal symptoms are as follows.

  • Kamishoyosan: Depression, irritation, hot flashes, hot flashes, etc.
  • Toki shakuyakusan: Tendency to coldness and anemia
  • Keishibukuryogan: Hot flashes, headache, lower abdominal pain, etc.

There are individual differences in menopausal symptoms, and it is necessary to take Chinese herbal medicine that matches the symptoms . Kampo medicine gradually improves the symptoms, so it is easy to incorporate it into your life, so if you want to alleviate the symptoms little by little, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

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If you are in your 40s and 50s and have trouble with your daily life due to mental and physical disorders, there is a possibility that menopause or some other disease is hidden.

The symptoms of menopause are various, and it is said that there are various physical and mental disorders such as hot flashes, stiff shoulders, headaches, dizziness, depressed mood and irritability .

The check sheet introduced this time is one guideline. It's just that self-check to be aware of symptoms from normal life is very important.

If you have symptoms that you are concerned about, such as symptoms that apply to the check sheet, there is no need to overdo it. Don't worry about painful symptoms alone, and consider visiting a medical institution.

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