Which Chinese herbal medicine is effective for stiff shoulders? Suitable for symptoms such as eye strain and chronic pain

In general, stiff shoulders, stiff neck, and frozen shoulders have various causes depending on the person. Especially if it is chronic, it is important to improve blood circulation throughout the body, not just stiff shoulders, by taking Chinese herbal medicines that match your constitution and symptoms. Find out the cause of your stiff shoulders, check if there are any symptoms other than stiff shoulders, and find out which Chinese medicine is suitable for your body. If you are worried about your own judgment, there are hospitals, specialized clinics, and free medical interviews online, so it is a good idea to try them out. Find out in this article
  • Symptoms and causes of stiff shoulders
  • Introduction of Kampo used for stiff shoulders
  • see a doctor at a hospital
  • Regular purchase of recommended Chinese medicine supervised by a doctor

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What is stiff shoulders

Stiff neck refers to the feeling of sluggishness, heaviness, and fatigue due to the muscles around the shoulders becoming tense and poor blood circulation .
The trapezius muscle, which spreads widely from the neck to the shoulders and back, is the most superficial part of the body, and when this muscle hardens, it causes stiff shoulders.

On the other hand, there is a muscle group called the “suboccipital muscle group” that connects the back of the head and the spine, which plays a role in maintaining the posture of the head. Because it is a small inner muscle in the back, unlike stiff shoulders, it is not easily loosened by massage.

For some people, stiff shoulders and stiff necks worsen due to weather changes.
This is called weather pain, and it is said that it develops or worsens when the autonomic nerves are disturbed by the weather.

Causes of stiff shoulders

What causes "stiffness" is that the trapezius muscle hurts and weakens.
Pain is mainly caused by muscle tension and accumulation of fatigue substances due to poor blood circulation .

Decline can be caused by keeping the same posture for a long time at desk work or lack of exercise.
The trapezius muscle itself spreads over a wide area, so if muscle fatigue continues, the muscles in a wide range of areas such as the shoulders, neck, and back contract hard, and you will be aware of it as "stiffness."

Recently, with the spread of smartphones and remote work, the use of mobile phones, tablets, and PCs for long periods of time has increased, and eye strain and stiff shoulders are common.

Kampo used for stiff shoulders

Stiff shoulders include symptomatic stiff shoulders with known causes such as hernia, symptomatic stiff shoulders with unknown causes, and psychogenic stiff shoulders caused by stress.
Stiff shoulders with a clear cause and stiffness due to stress are dealt with according to the cause and stress, but stiff shoulders with an unclear cause may be improved with Chinese medicine.

In Kampo medicine, the cause of stiff shoulders is thought to be the circulation of qi and blood, the coldness of the body, and the circulation of water. .
I will introduce Chinese medicine that is said to be effective for stiff shoulders.


Tokishakuyakusan is a herbal medicine that improves blood circulation.
It is thought that poor blood circulation prevents oxygen from circulating, and as a result, fatigue substances accumulate and cause stiff shoulders.
Tokishakuyakusan, which improves blood flow, is suitable for people who have cold legs and lower back, headache, dizziness, and other symptoms in addition to stiff shoulders .
It also warms the body, making it suitable for people with anemia or irregular menstruation.

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Kamishoyosan has the effect of cooling the heat accumulated in the body, so it improves facial hot flashes, hot flashes, irritability, insomnia, and neurological symptoms that are common among middle-aged and elderly women, and also promotes blood circulation.
It is suitable for people with symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, and for stiff shoulders accompanied by neuropsychiatric symptoms caused by disturbances in the autonomic nervous system, such as mental anxiety and irritability.


Keishibukuryogan is a herbal medicine that improves blood circulation to improve stagnant blood circulation.
It is suitable for those who feel hotness in the upper body and cold hands and feet due to poor blood circulation, and for women with irregular or abnormal menstruation.


It is believed that when water accumulates in the body and joints, pain from the coldness of the body and joints occurs.
Shoninto removes water accumulated in the body and has the effect of relieving pain .
Suitable for stiff shoulders with swollen and hot joints and muscles.


Boukitou is a herbal medicine that aids digestion and absorption, removes excess water, and enhances the functions of the whole body.
By excreting excess water, water weight and swelling (edema) are improved .
In general, it is suitable for stiff shoulders for those who sweat excessively, those who tend to accumulate water in the body (easily swell), and those who have a relatively small amount of muscle mass and tend to be overweight.


It is a herbal medicine composed of 12 kinds of crude drugs, and it has the effect of removing water accumulated in the body, especially the upper body.
It is particularly effective for frozen and frozen shoulders, and the cure rate for shoulder periarthritis is said to be very high.
It is effective for stiff shoulders and frozen shoulders that complain of dull pain in the shoulders and upper arms.

Kakkonto (Kakkontou)

Kakkonto is a herbal medicine containing 7 crude drugs .
In particular, the medicinal herb called mahuang, which has a perspiration effect, warms the body from the inside, improves blood flow, and relieves fever and swelling.
In addition, it contains herbal medicines such as licorice and peony, which have analgesic properties, so the pain is improved.
Kakkonto is also used for headache and fever in the early stages of colds.
Because it has a sweating effect, it is also used for cold symptoms such as feeling chilly but not sweating.

How to get effective Chinese medicine for stiff shoulders

Kampo is available at hospitals, Kampo clinics, Kampo pharmacies, and drug stores.
At hospitals and clinics, you can rest assured that you will be interviewed and treated by a doctor, but please be aware that there are medical treatments covered by insurance and private medical treatments that are not covered by insurance. There is no medical examination by a doctor, but a Kampo pharmacy will prescribe the appropriate Kampo medicine on the spot after checking the color of the tongue and interviews.
The cost is high because it is not covered by insurance, but they prescribe high-quality herbal medicine. The easiest way is to buy it at a drug store.
However, if you don't have the knowledge, you don't know which one to choose, and you need to be careful because you may overdose depending on the combination.
There are many things that are less than the content of the prescription herbal medicine.

See a doctor and get a prescription

Kampo medicine in Japan has a history of more than 30 years since insurance coverage started in 1976, and there are currently about 140 types of ethical Kampo medicines that have been proven to be effective.
And most of them are covered by health insurance .
Some have immediate effects, while others can be effective after several months for chronic symptoms.
You can rest assured that we will prescribe the appropriate herbal medicine for your health condition and symptoms.
Some hospitals have a department that specializes in Chinese herbal medicine, called Kampo Internal Medicine.

You can receive a medical interview supervised by a doctor for free on LINE

I want to try Kampo, but I don't know which one to choose. We have the perfect service for women with anxiety and doubts. With this service, you can receive a simple free medical interview on LINE, and medical experts such as gynecologists and pharmacists will propose high-quality Kampo that suits you at a price that is easy to continue .

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There are various herbal medicines that are used for stiff shoulders, depending on the symptoms, location, and cause of stiff shoulders.
In addition, the prices and methods of obtaining herbal medicines vary. There may be few things that are said to be effective for stiff shoulders and can immediately feel the effect.
Consult with a Kampo specialist or pharmacist to start a Kampo life that suits you so that you can continue to take what suits your body without stress.

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