Who is not suitable for the Chinese herbal medicine "Tokishakuyakusan"? Introduce points to note when drinking together

Tokishakuyakusan is a herbal medicine that is suitable for improving various symptoms that occur in women, such as irregular menstruation and menopausal disorders due to female hormone imbalance. However, not all women are affected. "What kind of symptoms does Toki-Shakuyakusan work for?", "Who is not suitable for Toki-Shakuyakusan?" For those who want to know more about shakuyakusan, we have compiled an easy-to-understand article. Find out in this article
  • What is toki shakuyakusan
  • People who are not suitable for toki shakuyakusan
  • Precautions when taking Tokishakuyakusan

What is toki shakuyakusan?

Tokishakuyakusan is a herbal medicine recommended for people who are concerned about coldness and women who suffer from irregular menstruation .
In Kampo medicine, it is believed that if the balance of "blood", "qi" and "water" is disturbed, illness or physical discomfort will occur.
Lack of "blood" is one of the causes of anemia and irregular menstruation.
In addition, when the "blood" circulation worsens, excess water tends to accumulate in the body, causing coldness in the legs and lower back.

Tokishakuyakusan works on “blood” and “water” and leads to a healthy body, so it not only improves anemia, irregular menstruation, swelling and sensitivity to cold, but also headaches and dull headaches that are seen in menopausal disorders. You can also expect the effect of improving symptoms such as dizziness and tinnitus.

People who are not suitable for toki shakuyakusan

Tokishakuyakusan is a solution for women's troubles, but it may not be suitable for people with strong bodies and dark skin.
On the other hand, Toki Shakuyakusan is suitable for fair-skinned and weak women.
Do you know the word "toshakubijin"?
This is a word that means that Toki shakuyakusan is a perfect match for a woman with white skin, a thin and supple body, and a gentle voice.
In addition to symptoms, Kampo medicine prescribes medicine after observing posture, behavior, complexion and skin condition.

side effects

The main side effects of tokishakuyakusan are gastrointestinal symptoms and skin symptoms .
Gastrointestinal symptoms include stomach discomfort, anorexia, diarrhea, and nausea.
Skin symptoms include itching, redness, and a rash.

Particular caution should be exercised when taking tokishakuyakusan if you have a weak stomach or have experienced itching, redness, or a rash under the influence of medicine.
Nausea and loss of appetite may subside as you get used to the medicine, but if the symptoms are difficult or you notice any abnormality in your body, do not hesitate to consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Precautions when drinking together

There are no drugs that do not mix well with Tokishakuyakusan.
However, caution is required when taking Chinese herbal medicines with the same ingredients or multiple herbal medicines at the same time.

Excessive intake of herbal medicines can make the effects too strong, or they can cancel out each other's effects and cause problems such as not being able to achieve the expected effects.
Never take or stop taking medicine on your own.
Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking any other medicines to avoid interactions.

How long does it take to take effect?

The length of time it takes for Tokishakuyakusan to take effect will vary depending on the individual's constitution and the course of symptoms.
The effect of herbal medicine is generally seen within 1 to 2 weeks .
And you need to continue taking it for a certain period of time to improve your symptoms.

Depending on the type of Kampo medicine, there are various cases, such as those that are taken as soon as possible (taken when symptoms appear), whose effects appear quickly in a few hours to a few days, and those that are continuously taken internally to improve chronic symptoms.
If your symptoms do not improve after taking Tokishakuyakusan for a month, consult your doctor.

What to do if toki shakuyakusan does not work

If Tokishakuyakusan does not suit you, we recommend that you consult with the hospital or Kampo pharmacy that prescribed it.
Kampo medicines are medicines made from plants found in nature, so many people may have an image that they suit everyone.
However, even though it is of natural origin, it is still a medicine, so side effects may occur.
Also, since the effect differs depending on your constitution, it is safe to have a place where you can consult to find the herbal medicine that suits you.

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How to get the herbal medicine "Tokishakuyakusan"

I have explained the efficacy and side effects of tokishakuyakusan, and the characteristics of people who are not suitable for it.
Tokishakuyakusan is a herbal medicine that is often used to improve the constitution of irregular menstruation due to female hormone abnormalities and to treat the symptoms of menopause .
So, what should I do to get toki shakuyakusan?
We will introduce two methods: how to get a prescription at a hospital and how to order online.

See a doctor and get a prescription

Tokishakuyakusan is mainly prescribed by obstetrics and gynecology departments and internal medicine departments.
Go to a hospital, see a doctor, and get a prescription.
You cannot get medicine from a pharmacy without a prescription from a doctor.

The Medical Practitioners Act prohibits medical treatment without medical treatment.
Some people may not have time to go to the hospital or may find it troublesome.
However, in order to get a prescription for medicine, a prescription written by a doctor is absolutely necessary.

How to order herbal medicine online

There are other ways to obtain toki shakuyakusan besides receiving a prescription from a hospital.
How to order herbal medicine online
Online ordering of Chinese herbal medicines is very easy to obtain as there is no need to visit a hospital and just receive the Chinese herbal medicines sent to you at home.

For example, if you order online with canvas, you can take a medical interview (free) supervised by a doctor on LINE while at home, and have her recommend a herbal medicine that suits your problem.
If you have any concerns or concerns about your physical condition, you can consult with medical specialists such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and nutritionists.

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Tokishakuyakusan is a herbal medicine suitable for improving various symptoms of irregular menstruation and menopause.
However, not everyone can expect results.
Kampo medicines are natural medicines, but some people do not agree with them depending on their constitution.
If you experience any side effects or feel any changes in your body while taking this medicine, consult your doctor or pharmacist.
When taking tokishakuyakusan, carefully check the precautions and follow the dosage and administration.