Is Chinese medicine effective for infertility? What kind of herbal medicine is commonly used

The efficacy of Kampo medicine has the power to enhance the natural healing power that people originally have and the power to support the improvement of the constitution. Pregnancy is a delicate issue, as even a healthy body can become infertile if it is under strong mental and physical stress. In some cases, you go to a hospital and are diagnosed with infertility. Is this infertility? How does infertility occur? Can herbal medicine cure infertility? I have put together an article for those who are wondering.

Find out in this article

  • what is infertility
  • causes of infertility
  • Chinese herbal medicine for infertility

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What is infertility

Infertility is the inability to conceive after a year or more of unprotected sexual intercourse. The number of men and women who suffer from infertility is increasing year by year. While there are more opportunities for women to play an active role in society, there may be some people who are not able to lead a regular life, such as being stressed by overwork and lack of sleep, or eating unbalanced due to busyness.

Infertility is closely related to lifestyle habits, and it is very important to review lifestyle habits to create a body that is easy to conceive.

causes of infertility

Age is the number one reason for infertility. The decline of the body due to aging reduces various functions. In Kampo medicine, there is a word "kidney deficiency", and when the life energy called "sei" stored in the "kidneys" (kidneys, adrenal glands, urinary organs, and reproductive organs) is insufficient, reproductive function declines. and hormonal imbalance are believed to occur.

Another possible cause of infertility is stress. When you get stressed, the circulation of "Qi" is delayed. Qi is like an invisible energy that surrounds the body.

Malnutrition is also a cause of infertility. Malnutrition increases the chance of irregular menstruation. Without a certain amount of body fat in the body, female hormones cannot be secreted properly. The ideal BMI (weight kg / height m / height m) is said to be 20 to 25, and if it is less than 15, menstrual volume is low and the cycle is likely to be disturbed.

Finally, the cold is the enemy of infertility. Coldness slows down blood flow and water flow just like qi. In particular, blood circulation in the pelvis also affects the function of ovarian hormones.

Is Chinese medicine effective for infertility?

Kampo medicine can be used properly depending on the problem that the person has. For example, for people who tend to get cold, we recommend products that warm the body and improve coldness, and for people with decreased uterine and ovarian function, products that improve congestion. You can choose the type.

Chinese herbal medicine contains multiple ingredients and is characterized by its mild effect. Therefore, there are few reports that infertility has been improved by taking Kampo medicine, but as mentioned above, it is possible to create a body that is easy to conceive by performing Kampo treatment that has the effect of improving according to each constitution. The human body is made up of a balance of three elements: qi, blood, and water.

"Qi" is responsible for the body's energy and metabolism, and "blood" and "water" carry nutrients and blood throughout the body. Irregular lifestyles, stress, aging, etc., make the balance of qi, blood, and water more likely to collapse, leading to decreased sperm motility and erectile dysfunction in men, and decreased ovarian function and irregular menstruation in women. It is done.

By taking Chinese herbal medicine that matches your constitution, you can improve your body to make it easier to get pregnant.

Chinese herbal medicines commonly used in fertility treatment

What types of herbal remedies are commonly used to treat infertility? Let's take a look at each symptom together.

Kamishoyosan, Tokishakuyakusan, and Keishibukuryogan are effective for improving irregular menstruation. These are called the three major herbal medicines and are often used in fertility treatment.

It is recommended for those who want to improve the circulation of "blood" and "qi" and activate the body's functions.

There is also a report that using Tokishakuyakusan improved luteal dysfunction1).

Next, to improve sensitivity to cold, use Unkeitou, Kamishoyosan, Tokishakuyakusan, and Fuhotoukikou B. is effective. It will improve the balance of the whole body condition by arranging the circulation of "blood".

Onkeito is recommended for people with a weak constitution, Kamishoyosan is recommended for people who tend to be irritated and anxious, and Tokishakuyakusan and Fubo Tokigyo B are recommended for people who suffer from menstrual pain.

There is also a report that unkeito improved ovulatory disorders in polycystic ovarian syndrome2).

And to reduce stress, try Kamishoyosan, Hangekobokuto, Saireito, and Hochuekkito. Effective. It regulates the circulation of "mind" and improves metabolism and hormone balance.

Kamishoyosan is good for people with stiff shoulders and headaches, hangekobokuto is good for people with anxiety and tension, saireito is good for people with gastrointestinal symptoms such as loss of appetite and gastroenteritis, and hochuekkito is good for people who get tired easily. Recommended for those who are not feeling well.

Is Kampo medicine covered by insurance?

About 150 types of herbal medicines for medical use are covered by insurance. For example, if you visit a hospital, have a doctor write a prescription, and then submit the prescription to a pharmacy, insurance is applied.

However, if you go to a Chinese medicine pharmacy and try to purchase Chinese medicine directly, insurance will not apply. The same is true when purchasing over-the-counter Chinese herbal medicines at drugstores, etc., which are not covered by insurance and must be paid at actual cost.

Also, when purchasing at a Chinese medicine pharmacy, the price of the same type of Chinese medicine may vary depending on the pharmacy. The reason why the price is different is that each pharmacy sets the price.

On the other hand, the prices of medical herbal medicines covered by insurance are set by the government, and can be purchased at 10-30% depending on the co-payment of the insurance.

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How to order herbal medicine online

These days, it is possible to order herbal medicines that suit you online without going to the hospital .

Chinese herbal medicines that are effective for infertility can be prescribed at obstetrics and gynecology departments, but gynecology departments can be crowded. In addition, there are many people who want to choose a herbal medicine that suits them, but are too busy to see a doctor.

There is also an online service that allows you to take a medical interview supervised by a doctor for free on LINE, and receive custom-made Chinese medicine that suits you. If for some reason you do not have time to go to the hospital and would like to receive Chinese herbal medicine that suits you, consider ordering online.

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By knowing the cause of infertility and taking herbal medicine that suits your constitution, you can create a body that is easy to get pregnant. The good thing about herbal medicine is that you can choose and combine the types according to the symptoms of each individual, and you can respond in detail. Let's work on creating a healthy body by balancing the energy of "qi", "blood" and "water".

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