Causes and remedies for sluggishness associated with PMS

Are you worried that your body feels sluggish before menstruation begins?

Tiredness comes from the body, such as fatigue, and mental tiredness due to stress, and there are various causes. However, premenstrual sluggishness may be due to PMS.

This article explains the sluggishness caused by PMS. What we know is the following.

By all means, please refer to those who are suffering from premenstrual sluggishness.

  • PMS symptoms of drowsiness
  • Causes of sluggishness associated with PMS
  • How to relieve sluggishness (lifestyle modification, relaxation and rest, herbal medicine, low-dose pills)

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PMS symptoms of drowsiness

If you feel sluggish every time you get your period, it could be PMS.

PMS is a physical and mental disorder that lasts 3 to 10 days before the onset of menstruation. It has the characteristic of relieving symptoms that were thought to be uncomfortable when menstruation began.

Symptoms of PMS are diverse, such as swelling, breast pain, headache, irritability, and depression.

In particular, it is necessary to be careful if symptoms such as "I can't move because of sluggishness" or "I can't work because I'm sleepy" are severe and affect my daily life.

Causes of sluggishness associated with PMS

The exact cause of PMS is unknown, but it is thought to be related to fluctuations in female hormones .

Therefore, the cause of premenstrual fatigue is not clearly understood. A leading theory is that fluctuations in female hormones affect the hormones that control mood.

The female hormone progesterone, which is secreted after ovulation, is also thought to play a role. It is also thought that progesterone makes you sleepy during the day, and the rise in basal body temperature reduces the quality of sleep, and as a result makes you feel sluggish.

There are various other theories, such as the association with lack of vitamins and minerals.

Remedy to relieve dullness

There are coping methods that can be done by improving daily life and treatment methods with drugs to relieve the sluggishness of PMS .

Here are some ways you can improve your daily life and two medicines that are often used for PMS.

  • improvement of lifestyle
  • relax and rest
  • herbal medicine
  • low dose pill

improvement of lifestyle

As a countermeasure for PMS sluggishness that you can do by yourself, there are lifestyle improvements such as a regular life, a review of meals, and moderate exercise .

orderly life

    Not limited to PMS, body fatigue and drowsiness often come from an irregular life.

    In particular, many women who suffer from PMS are busy with work and childcare, and tend to disrupt their daily rhythms. Of course, you should try to live a more regular life than usual, but be aware of the times when PMS is particularly likely to occur.

    diet review

      A well-balanced diet that does not lack minerals and vitamins is said to be a good countermeasure against PMS. In particular, calcium and magnesium are known to be associated with PMS1).

      Seafood and soy products are rich in calcium and magnesium, so let's actively take them.

      moderate exercise

        Moderate exercise is also considered a good way to relieve PMS. Moderate exercise such as swimming, jogging, bicycling, and yoga are recommended. Yoga is especially popular as an exercise that even busy women can easily do at home.

        relax and rest

        It's also important to take time out to relax to reduce stress .

        Stress often comes from the pressure of the workplace. In particular, when symptoms tend to appear before menstruation, take time to rest without forcing your schedule.

        It is also recommended to relax with stretching and aromatherapy while you are resting.

        When you feel sluggish or sleepy, it's a sign from your body telling you to rest now.

        Take time to rest and find a way to relax that works for you.

        herbal medicine

        It is said that treatment with Chinese herbal medicine that matches the symptoms and constitution of the person can relieve the symptoms of PMS.

        Kampo therapy for PMS includes tokishakuyakusan, keishibukuryogan, kamishoyosan, and tokakujokito.

        The symptoms of PMS are diverse, such as swelling, headache, back pain, and abdominal pain in physical disorders, and irritability and anxiety in mental disorders. Symptoms vary from person to person, and it is not uncommon for multiple symptoms to occur at the same time. Therefore, it is said that Kampo, which is given according to individual symptoms and constitution, is effective for some women.

        For example, kamishoyosan makes people feel tired easily and is sometimes prescribed to relieve mental symptoms such as irritability and anxiety2).

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        low dose pill

        Low-dose pills are commonly used to treat PMS because they suppress ovulation and balance hormones .

        The pill is a small tablet containing two female hormones.

        Speaking of the pill, isn't the image of "contraception" strong?

        In fact, in addition to contraception, the pill is said to be effective in relieving PMS, rough skin, and menstrual pain.

        By taking the pill every day, fluctuations in female hormones can be suppressed and the hormones will be in balance. And it is said to relieve the symptoms of PMS, which is said to be caused by fluctuations in female hormones.

        If, in addition to PMS, "I want to use a reliable contraceptive method", "I have a lot of menstruation and I have heavy menstrual pain"

        If you have other wishes, please consider taking a low-dose pill.


        In this article, I explained the sluggishness that accompanies PMS. The points are summarized below.

        • Feeling tired before menstruation could be PMS
        • The cause of PMS is not clearly known, but fluctuations in female hormones are thought to be
        • As a coping method that you can do by yourself, there are lifestyle improvements such as regular living, review of meals, and moderate exercise.
        • It is also important to take time to rest and relax.
        • Medication methods include herbal medicines and low-dose pills.

        There are ways to deal with premenstrual sluggishness on your own, but there are cases where treatment at a medical institution is necessary.

        In addition to sluggishness, it is also important to visit a gynecologist without holding back if you feel unwell before menstruation.

        Don't think that premenstrual discomfort can't be helped, face your body and get along well with PMS.

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