How to check menopause (pre-menopause)

What is the difference between pre-menopause and menopause?
It is divided mainly by age and the type, severity, and frequency of symptoms.

Pre-menopausal period refers to the late 30s to mid-40s, and menopausal period often refers to around 45 years old when menopausal symptoms appear.

The symptoms and severity vary greatly from person to person, and there are cases where you thought you were experiencing menopausal symptoms, but there are actually other illnesses lurking, so if you start to feel discomfort in your body, consult a medical institution. .

Here, we will also introduce the symptoms of menopause and pre-menopause, as well as hormone tests that can determine whether menopause is present .

If you have these symptoms, you may be in menopause.

If you're in your late 30s to mid-40s and you're starting to experience symptoms that make it difficult to determine whether you're in menopause, such as getting tired easily, stiff shoulders, and irritability, you may be in "pre-menopause."

Although this period is not as drastic as the menopause that comes in the late 40s to 50s, it is also the time when the amount of female hormones secreted gradually decreases toward menopause, and some people begin to experience changes in their mind and body.

Symptoms caused by disturbances in the autonomic nervous system (hot flashes, hot flashes, irritability, etc.) appear in many people during the full-scale menopause, but there are symptoms that are difficult to identify as menopausal symptoms, such as stiff shoulders and fatigue. If it comes out, there is a possibility of pre-menopause. It is also during this period that there are gradual changes in the amount and duration of menstruation.

Hormone test to check menopause

Even if you often feel stiff shoulders and physical fatigue, there are many cases where you cannot judge whether it is a symptom of menopause.

As a standard of judgment, there is a hormone test that checks the hormones in the blood . Hormone tests are generally performed at obstetrics and gynecology departments, but in today's world where there are many working women, there is also a "hormone test kit that can be done at home" using a mail service.

What is a hormone test?

A hormone test is a test that checks for hormones in the blood .

  • If you are worried about your body or mind, such as not being able to judge whether it is a symptom of menopause
  • If you have irregular or abnormal menstruation, or if you want to conceive but are unable to conceive

If you have any of the above, we recommend that you take a hormone test.

There are large individual differences in test values, and in the case of premenopausal women, there are fluctuations in the cycle. Instead of judging, it is better to keep track of your hormone levels over the long term from around the age of 40.

What a hormone test tells you

A woman's hormone levels change gradually with her life stage (age).

A blood test will check the status of this female hormone and determine the decline in ovarian function. Hormones that are particularly important in blood tests during menopause are follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and estrogen (E2), which are involved in the functioning of the ovaries.

Estrogen is secreted from the ovaries, and plays an important role in women by creating a feminine body, causing ovulation and menstruation, and maintaining pregnancy functions. By measuring this estrogen level, we can see whether ovulation is occurring normally and the possibility of menopause .

[No need to visit hospital] Hormone test kit that can be done at home is convenient

  • I don't have time to visit the hospital every month
  • I don't think the symptoms are enough to go to the hospital.
  • not unbearable

For this reason, there are many women who do not get tested. There is a "hormone test kit that you can do at home" that solves such problems.

A test kit is mailed to your home, you take a blood sample, return the kit, and check the results online.

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In addition, canvas is safe because the test methods, test results, and advice content are being developed with the support of doctors and specialists. If you need to go to the hospital after receiving the test results, we will also refer you to a cooperating clinic.

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Impressions of people who used canvas

Here are some comments from our users.

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If you feel any changes in your body, get tested early.

"It's difficult to judge on your own whether or not you have menopause symptoms."

"Because it's a menopausal symptom, it will end someday."

If you think that and leave it unattended, it is dangerous because if another disease is lurking, it will get worse .

In addition, during menopause, the risk of lifestyle-related diseases, such as high cholesterol levels and blood pressure, increases, and the risk of osteoporosis increases due to decreased bone mass. It is important to always keep track of your own health.

Grasp your hormone status with a menopause test kit that you can easily test at home, and overcome menopause brightly and healthily.