A must-see for those who want to get pregnant! Let's make a body that is easy to get pregnant with "Onkatsu"

Many people who are starting or about to start trying to conceive do not know what to do and whether it is effective. Do you know what “onkatsu” is?

Warm activity is one of the ways to create a body that is easy to get pregnant, and it is perfect for beginners of pregnancy because it is easy for anyone to work on . This time, we will focus on this warm life and introduce its effects and how to work on it.

For those who have started pregnancy and those who are about to start, please refer to this article and try to warm up.

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What is Onkatsu

Onkatsu is an activity that regulates physical condition by warming the body . Onkatsu, which warms the body or keeps it from cooling, has many positive effects, such as increasing the basal metabolism and improving blood flow.

Therefore, there are people who warm up for the purpose of not only trying to get pregnant, but also dieting and improving immunity to create a strong body.

Why is it bad to have a cold body?

When the body gets cold, the basal metabolism decreases and the blood flow deteriorates, which causes sensitivity to cold and swelling. Furthermore , if the ovaries and uterus, as well as the entire body, cannot receive enough nutrients and blood, the nutrients will not be distributed, and there is a risk that the functions of the organs will decline .

It will be difficult to get pregnant if the function of the body is already declining before trying to conceive . Therefore, cold is not good for pregnancy.

In this way, coldness may reduce all functions of the body, so it is important to warm up not only for pregnancy, but also for dieting and improving immunity.

Onkatsu method

I will show you how to warm up in detail. Isn't warm life necessary for full-fledged preparation? Some people may feel that. However, please rest assured that Onkatsu can be taken from familiar situations anytime, anywhere .

First of all, check the warm life method and try it from what you are easy to work on.

warm drink

The easiest warm activity to do is to drink a drink that warms your body. You can expect an effect just by changing the drink you usually drink from a cold one to a warm one.

If you want to further increase the effect, it is good to combine ginger water and waste water , which increase the effect of warming the body.

Foods that improve metabolism

There are foods that cool the body and foods that improve metabolism (warm the body). For warm life, avoid cooling food and actively eat warming food.

Foods that improve metabolism include ginger, onions, black vinegar, meat, and soybeans. Nutrients include protein, folic acid, heme iron, and vitamins . By increasing metabolism, these ingredients and nutrients can also be expected to have the effect of increasing blood flow. Try using it in your cooking.


Moderate exercise is also effective for warm life. However, exercise that puts too much strain on the body can cause injury and is dangerous. Exercise that makes your body sweat a little, such as walking, stretching, and muscle training, is just right .

If you are too busy to take time, let's put a little load on familiar movements. For example, you can try standing on your toes, sitting with your posture in mind, walking longer than usual, and so on.

Use of socks, throws, etc.

It is also important to keep your body warm by wearing socks and throws on a daily basis . It's also good to be in a place where the cooler wind doesn't hit directly.

Especially in hot weather such as summer, the air conditioner is often set to be strong, and it is possible that the body is cold without knowing it. It is a good idea to always have something that you can put on so that you can adjust your body temperature frequently.


If you don't like foods that increase your metabolism and can't eat them, or if it's difficult to get them because of the season, it's recommended to supplement with supplements.

Ginger, ginseng, and scraps are recommended ingredients for warming supplements. Also, if you are trying to get pregnant, it is even better to choose one that contains folic acid and heme iron at the same time .

In particular, there are many products that contain ginger that can be used not only as supplements, but also mixed with tea and cooking, so choose according to your own taste.

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If you have any concerns or questions about trying to conceive, consult a medical institution.

If you have any concerns or questions about trying to conceive, don't worry about yourself and visit a medical institution. Treatment is not the only thing hospitals and clinics can do.

You may be able to find a solution by consulting about your current situation and receiving advice on your living environment . When in doubt, seek professional advice.


This time, as part of pregnancy activities, we introduced “warm activities” that are effective in creating a body that is easy to get pregnant.

Warming up the body improves metabolism and blood flow, making it easier for nutrients to spread throughout the body. As a result, the internal organs such as the uterus become healthy and can work actively .

  • Example of Onkatsu
  • drink hot drinks
  • eat foods that speed up metabolism
  • do moderate exercise
  • Prepare items such as socks and throws to keep your body cool
  • Use warming supplements

In this way, there are many contents that can be easily done in warm life, and it is easy to incorporate even those who are trying to get pregnant. It's hard to suddenly incorporate this and that, so don't overdo it and slowly try to make it a "habit" one by one.

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