Introducing herbal medicine recommended for women with palpitations. Is stress the cause? menopause?

There are women who have sudden chest throbbing and heart palpitations even though they haven't done any particularly strenuous exercise. Many people worry that they might be sick if they do not know the cause.

This time, I will explain the ′′ heart palpitations ′′ especially in women . There are many possible causes of heart palpitations, but let's understand their mechanisms and find the best way to deal with them.

We will also introduce Chinese herbal medicine that improves the symptoms of palpitations, so please refer to it.

Find out in this article

  • Basic knowledge of heart palpitations
  • Causes of palpitations
  • Chinese herbal medicine recommended for palpitations

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What is palpitations

A heart palpitation is an unexplained pounding sensation in the chest .

Even healthy people have felt their heart pounding after strenuous exercise or when they were nervous.

However, in the case of palpitations, even if there is no cause for such a pounding heartbeat, the heartbeat suddenly becomes larger, the pulse skips, or the pulse rate increases.

In addition to feeling the throbbing and pulsing, other symptoms of palpitations may appear.

What Causes Palpitations?

There are several possible causes of palpitations.

Causes of palpitations

  • heart disease
  • Diseases of the respiratory system (such as the lungs and trachea)
  • Effects of endocrine changes such as hormones (menopause, hyperthyroidism, etc.)
  • Psychological (anxiety, stress, lack of sleep)
  • drug side effects

As mentioned above, there are multiple causes of heart palpitations , but it is necessary to pay attention to the first two, as they may be hidden by an unexpected disease .

If you have symptoms such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, and irregular pulse, it is recommended that you see a doctor as soon as possible.

Disturbances in the autonomic nervous system are often involved in heart palpitations due to menopause and other psychological factors, and various symptoms such as irritation, dizziness, and hot flashes may appear in a complex manner.

Herbal medicine recommended for palpitations

Here are some recommended herbal remedies for palpitations. Palpitations (imbalance) due to fluctuations in the body balance such as menopause and stress can be adjusted with Chinese medicine .

In addition to palpitations, we will explain other symptoms that appear due to menopause and stress so that you can choose, so please refer to it.

Tokishakuyakusan: Tsumura Kampo No. 23

Toki shakuyakusan, as the name suggests, is a herbal medicine that contains six kinds of herbal medicines, Toki and Peony.

The herbal medicines contained in Tokishakuyakusan have the effect of regulating the circulation of water in the body and warming the body. Therefore, in addition to the symptoms of palpitations, it can be expected to improve symptoms caused by water metabolism and blood flow, such as coldness, swelling, and stiff shoulders .

It also contains herbal medicines that supplement nutrition, so it is suitable for people with a slightly weak constitution, such as those who get tired easily or tend to be anemic.

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Ryokeijutsukanto: Tsumura Kampo No. 39

Ryokeijutsukanto is a Chinese herbal medicine containing four types of herbal medicines: Bukuryo, cinnamon bark, sojutsu, and licorice. Kampo names are taken from the names of these four crude drugs, one letter each.

Keijutsukanto has the effect of improving circulation of water and promoting blood flow. Therefore, it is used for symptoms such as tinnitus, dizziness, and lightheadedness, as well as palpitations .

It also has the effect of relieving stress, so it is also recommended for people with irritability and nervousness.

Hangekobokuto: Tsumura Kampo No. 16

Hangekoubokuto is a Chinese herbal medicine containing 5 crude drugs including Hange and Kouboku.

It warms the body, relieves stress, and has a calming effect. Therefore, it is suitable for those with anxiety neurosis such as palpitations due to high mood and those who are prone to depression .

It is also effective for those who feel a foreign object in their throat, or those who experience throat congestion due to stress, such as difficulty in passing food through their throats.

Tokishakuyakusan and ryokeijutsukanto are mainly effective for physical symptoms, but the herbal medicines introduced below, including hangekobokuto, are suitable for mental symptoms.

Saiko Karyu Kotsu Boreito Tsumura Kampo No. 12

Saiko-karyukotsu oyakoto is a Chinese herbal medicine that uses crude drugs obtained from animals such as bones of mammals called dragon bones and oyster shells, in addition to plants such as Saiko.

Saikokaryukonetsuryoto is mainly effective for neurological symptoms such as palpitations, insomnia, and gastrointestinal upset caused by mental anxiety caused by stress .

In particular, it is more suitable for soothing agitation such as irritability and excitement than sluggish symptoms such as depression.

Therefore, it is sometimes used for night crying in children who are too excited to sleep.

Saiko Keishi Kankyoto: Tsumura Kampo No. 11

Saiko Keishi Kankyoto is a Chinese herbal medicine containing 7 types of crude drugs such as Saiko, cinnamon bark, kankyo, and licorice. It has the effect of improving blood circulation and cooling the body while providing nutrients.

It is suitable for those who are sensitive to trivial things or get nervous about small things. It also has the effect of supplementing other nutrients, so it is recommended for those who do not have physical strength and are a little anemic .

Due to its cooling effect, it is said to be effective for mild fevers and night sweats from colds that have passed for several days.

Choose a Kampo that improves palpitations that suits you

Kampo medicines are easily available at drugstores and other places, but there are multiple Kampo medicines with similar effects, and it is often difficult to decide which one is right for you.

Also, if you choose a herbal medicine that does not match your symptoms, you may not be able to see sufficient improvement in your symptoms, or on the contrary, your symptoms may get worse.

In such a case, how about a “made-to-order Chinese medicine” just for you according to your symptoms? It is very safe because you can choose the perfect Kampo for yourself while consulting with the pharmacist.

With the same quality as a Kampo pharmacy, you can feel free to consult anytime, anywhere.

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This time, we have introduced the causes of "palpitations" and recommended herbal medicines to improve symptoms.

Chinese herbal medicine recommended for palpitations

  • Tokishakuyakusan: Symptoms associated with coldness and swelling
  • Ryokeijutsukanto: Symptoms associated with tinnitus, dizziness, lightheadedness, etc.
  • Hangekobokuto: symptoms associated with throat congestion, depression, irritability, etc.
  • Saikokaryukotsuryoto: symptoms associated with irritability and emotional excitement
  • Saikokeishikankyoto: Symptoms associated with low physical strength and hypersensitivity

There are various causes of palpitations, so it cannot be said that this herbal medicine is recommended for palpitations. It is important to choose the herbal medicine that suits your condition according to your symptoms .

Palpitations are caused not only by fluctuations in the balance of the body, but also by latent diseases in organs such as the heart and lungs.

If you do not see any improvement after taking the medicine for 1-2 weeks, or if your symptoms are worsening, or if you have symptoms such as chest pain or severe shortness of breath, see a doctor as soon as possible.

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