Which herbal medicine calms the mind? Introduction of effective Kampo medicines for irritability and insomnia caused by stress

If you have symptoms such as being irritated or angry at the slightest thing, suddenly crying even though you are not sad, or suddenly being attacked by strong anxiety or sadness one day, you can say that you are emotionally unstable.
It is thought to be caused by physical factors such as hormonal imbalance and disordered lifestyle, as well as mental factors such as stress and anxiety.
It is important to find a herbal medicine that suits your symptoms, as the herbal medicine used differs depending on your physical constitution and symptoms.
Here, we will take a closer look at representative Chinese herbs used for mental anxiety. Find out in this article
  • Symptoms and causes of emotional instability
  • What are the three major herbal medicines for women used for mental stability?
  • Other Chinese Herbs Used for Calming the Mind
  • see a doctor at a hospital
  • Regular purchase of recommended Chinese medicine supervised by a doctor

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Symptoms of emotional instability

Emotional instability refers to intense ups and downs of emotions , such as being irritated by trivial things, being irritated and restless for no reason, suddenly feeling sad and unable to stop crying, or having no motivation to do anything. I'm in.
A sudden change in mood can affect your work and personal life.

Cause of emotional instability

Emotional instability can be caused by a wide range of factors, but the most common ones include lack of sleep, stress caused by changes in the environment, and PMS (premenstrual syndrome).
Mental factors are often thought to be the cause, but physical stress such as lack of sleep, excessive fatigue, and nutritional deficiencies can also cause mental instability.
It is said that the stress caused by major changes in human relationships and the environment also causes mental instability.
And it is said that hormonal balance is deeply involved in the emotional stability of women in particular.

Women's three major herbal medicines that are often used for mental stability

Many women who suffer from menstrual pain and menopausal symptoms are said to be caused by poor blood circulation, such as sensitivity to cold and stiff shoulders.
Poor blood circulation is thought to cause pain, fatigue, and even mental disorders due to disturbances in the autonomic nervous system.

Three Kampo medicines, called the three major Kampo medicines for women, are used to improve these women's peculiar disorders and the mental anxieties caused by them.
All of them contain crude drugs that improve the function of "blood", but it is important to use the appropriate herbal medicine according to your own constitution and symptoms.

Toki shakuyakusan

It is a Kampo medicine suitable for people who have no physical strength, sensitivity to cold, and anemia .
If the amount of blood is low, nutrients and heat cannot reach the entire body, resulting in coldness and irregular menstruation.
When the blood does not circulate well in the body, water metabolism deteriorates, and water accumulates in excess parts of the body, which cools the body and causes coldness.

Tokishakuyakusan improves blood circulation throughout the body, removes excess water from the body, and improves sensitivity to cold and irregular menstruation. This herb is recommended for those who are anemic and have cold legs.


Kamishoyosan improves mental anxiety such as irritability and depression by balancing disturbed energy .
In addition, it sends out excess body heat to the whole body so that it does not accumulate and suppresses accumulated heat, improving hot flashes and hot flashes.
In addition, herbal medicines are blended to balance the whole of Qi, Blood, and Water, such as supplementing the blood and improving the circulation of water.
It is recommended for women who suffer from mental symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, and mental depression, along with women-specific problems such as irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.


Keishibukuryogan improves stagnant blood circulation and improves menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, and menstrual irregularities in women who are prone to hot flashes and cold hands and feet.
It also improves mental anxiety and irritability that tend to appear with fluctuations in female hormones .
It is suitable for those who suffer from irregularities peculiar to women, such as stiff shoulders, dizziness, coldness, hot flashes and hot flashes.

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Other effective herbal medicines for emotional instability

In Kampo medicine, the term “liver” is used in a slightly different sense from the liver in Western medicine, and is said to play an important role in the functioning of the mind and autonomic nervous system.
The liver has the function of improving the circulation of qi, storing enough blood, and adjusting the blood volume of the whole body.

It also supports the movement of muscles and joints.
The "liver" that regulates the circulation of this "qi" is thought to have the functions necessary for mental stability .
For example, "the liver gets excited" means that the spirit gets excited, and it means that anger and frustration appear.
Here are some herbal remedies that stabilize and improve the mental part.

Yokukansan Kachinpihange

Yokukansanka Chenpihanga is a herbal medicine that combines 'Yukansan', which has the effect of suppressing the excitement of 'liver', with 'Chenpi' and 'Hangatsu'.
It supplements the blood and improves blood circulation, thereby reducing the effects of stress on the body and stabilizing the autonomic nervous system.
Since it has the effect of regulating the functions of the stomach and intestines, it is a prescription that is easy to take even for those with weak stomachs.
It is used for children crying at night, but it is also recommended for mothers as it stabilizes the mind of both mother and child.


Hangekobokuto is recommended for those who feel that something is stuck in their throat for no apparent reason, or for those who tend to clear their throats .
It is also good for people who experience coughing or a stuffy throat when they have mental anxiety.
If the circulation of Qi in the throat is blocked, you will feel something clogged in your throat or have a foreign body sensation.
It is a Chinese medicine that improves the circulation of energy in the throat.

Keishika Ryukotsuboreito

Keishikaryukonetsuyokoto suppresses nervous excitement, relieves irritation and anxiety, replenishes qi and blood, and calms an unstable mind.
It is also used for night crying in children, which is said to be caused by nervous excitement, and nocturnal enuresis.
It is also suitable for nervousness, insomnia, light sleepers and frequent dreamers.

Saiko Karyu Kotsu Boreito

Saiko-Karyukone-Yoyoto is recommended for people who are troubled by trivial or trivial matters, or for those who are restless or unable to sleep because of overthinking .
Physical fatigue and mental stress cause the body to become stagnant, and if the whole body is not sufficiently full of energy, the heat will build up in the body, and the warm heat will go up, causing the brain to get tired.
This herbal medicine cools the body's heat and suppresses the excitement of the brain to improve insomnia and neurosis.


Kamikihito suppresses qi energy and improves insomnia .
It has the effect of calming the mind and stabilizing the mind by replenishing the blood and circulating the energy accumulated in the brain throughout the body.
It is recommended for people who have a pale complexion and get tired easily, who are anemic, who have a lot of mental stress and anxiety, who are insomnia, who have trouble falling asleep due to having a lot of dreams.
It is suitable for people with weak gastrointestinal tract because it helps the digestive system.

How to get effective herbal medicine

Kampo is available at hospitals, Kampo clinics, Kampo pharmacies, and drug stores.

At hospitals and clinics, you can rest assured that you will be interviewed and treated by a doctor, but please be aware that there are medical treatments covered by insurance and private medical treatments that are not covered by insurance .
There is no medical examination by a doctor, but a Kampo pharmacy will prescribe the appropriate Kampo medicine on the spot after checking the color of the tongue and interviews.
The cost is high because it is not covered by insurance, but they prescribe high-quality herbal medicine.
The easiest way is to buy it at a drug store.

However, if you don't have the knowledge, you don't know which one to choose, and you need to be careful because you may overdose depending on the combination.
There are many things that are less than the content of the prescription herbal medicine.

See a doctor and get a prescription

Kampo medicine in Japan has a history of more than 30 years since insurance coverage started in 1976, and there are currently about 140 types of ethical Kampo medicines that have been proven to be effective.
And most of them are covered by health insurance.
Some have immediate effects, while others can be effective after several months for chronic symptoms.
You can rest assured that we will prescribe the appropriate herbal medicine for your health condition and symptoms.
Some hospitals have a department that specializes in Chinese herbal medicine, called Kampo Internal Medicine.

You can buy Chinese medicine online! You can receive a medical interview supervised by a doctor for free on LINE

Anxiety about Kampo, such as wanting to try Kampo but not knowing which one to choose, lacking knowledge, not having a family pharmacist with whom to consult, or having a family pharmacist who is difficult to ask because he or she has specialized knowledge about Kampo. For women who have doubts, it is recommended to purchase Chinese medicine online.

In the case of online purchase, you can receive a simple free medical interview on LINE, and medical experts such as gynecologists and pharmacists will propose high-quality Kampo that suits you at a price that is easy to continue .

▼ You can consult Kampo on LINE
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For mental stability, it is important to be conscious of it in daily life, such as solving the cause, reducing stress, getting enough rest, and incorporating hobbies and change of mood, but it is difficult to improve . If you don't, or if you have specific areas you want to improve, it's a good idea to find a Kampo that suits your body .
To continue stress-free, consult a Kampo specialist or pharmacist and start a Kampo life that suits you.

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