Which herbal medicine is good for menorrhagia? Introduction of Kampo according to symptoms

Many women have problems with menstruation. There are various types of worries such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), irregular menstruation, excessive menstruation, and hypomenorrhea.

This time, we will focus on "hypermenorrhea" and introduce its causes and commonly used herbal medicines . The symptoms of menorrhagia vary from person to person, and there are many herbal medicines that are used to treat menstrual problems. I will also explain the herbal medicine that fits each symptom.

The content I will tell you this time is mainly about excessive menstruation, but it also includes effective content for other symptoms associated with menstruation, so please refer to it.

Find out in this article

  • What is menorrhagia
  • Causes of menorrhagia
  • Kampo medicines used for menorrhagia and proper use according to symptoms

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What is menorrhagia

Hypermenorrhea is defined as more than 150 ml of blood during one menstrual period . Even if the amount of bleeding is said to be 150ml or more, it may not come very clearly.

Menstrual bleeding may be too heavy to handle with a sanitary napkin, or if you often see thick clots of menstrual blood. In addition to the amount of menstruation that lasts more than 8 days, symptoms such as a long menstrual period may also indicate excessive menstruation.

Because they are discharging more blood than usual, not a few people experience symptoms of anemia such as palpitations, shortness of breath, and laziness.

Causes of menorrhagia

There are several possible causes of menorrhagia, including:

  • Gynecological diseases (uterine fibroids, cancer)
  • Abnormal secretion of hormones
  • Difficult to stop bleeding (liver dysfunction, etc.)

Gynecological diseases such as uterine fibroids may increase the amount of bleeding, but these diseases can also cause infertility, so caution is required.

In addition, abnormal hormone secretion can cause excessive bleeding. Women in their teens to early twenties, whose bodies are not fully mature, and women in their 40s and older, who are nearing menopause, tend to have unstable menstrual blood flow.

In addition, there are abnormalities in internal medicine such as liver function, and bleeding may increase due to difficulty in stopping blood. Menstrual bleeding is due to the lining of the uterus being sloughed off when it is no longer needed and the accompanying bleeding. Therefore, if the blood is difficult to stop, it will be accompanied by bleeding more than necessary.

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What is the treatment for menorrhagia?

There are various methods of treating menorrhagia using various medicines such as herbal medicines, iron preparations, and hormone preparations (pills) .

Chinese herbal medicine has a work to slowly improve the constitution from the inside, such as promoting blood circulation and water metabolism. Therefore, the effect is not seen immediately after taking it, and it takes about a month before the effect can be felt.

If you suddenly have a large amount of bleeding that won't stop, or if you're experiencing severe anemia symptoms, or if you're collapsing, treatment with hormones (pills) or iron tablets may be more effective.

However, hormones cannot be purchased at drugstores, etc., so if you have severe symptoms or want to heal as quickly as possible with Chinese medicine, please see a gynecologist.

Recommended herbal medicines often used for menorrhagia

Here are some herbal remedies that are often used for menorrhagia and may be effective. It explains not only the symptoms of excessive menstruation, but also the effects on other symptoms (imbalances) that occur with menstruation, so please read it while comparing it to your own condition.


Toki shakuyakusan is a Chinese herbal medicine that contains 6 kinds of herbal medicines such as Toki and Peony.

This herbal medicine improves the circulation of water and blood, and has the effect of warming the body . Therefore, it promotes the smooth discharge of blood and waste products accumulated in the uterus, and alleviates the discomfort caused by menstruation.

It works to improve not only excessive menstruation, but also coldness, swelling, fatigue, anemia, and various other disorders from before menstruation to during menstruation.


Kamishoyosan contains 10 types of herbal medicines such as peony, botanpi, and bukuryo.

It improves the circulation of energy in the body, and prepares the physical disorders caused by menstruation, menopause, pregnancy and childbirth . Kamishoyosan is a royal herbal medicine for gynecology, and is called the first herbal medicine for menopausal symptoms.

It relieves not only the symptoms of excessive menstruation, but also various symptoms caused by fluctuations in the balance of female hormones, such as hot flashes, stiff shoulders, and irritability.


As the name suggests, Keishibukuryogan contains 5 types of herbal medicines, such as cinnamon bark, bukuryo bark, and botanpi bark, which are commonly used in gynecological herbal medicines.

It is effective for various symptoms of upset due to menstruation and menopause, and is a herbal medicine that is especially suitable for people with blood stasis . Blood stasis is a term from Kampo medicine that describes a state in which the flow of blood, which is a nutrient for the body, is poor and stagnant.

Blood not only provides nutrients, but also transports secreted hormones and oxygen and excretes waste products. Therefore, there are also excessive menstruation and menstrual irregularities that come from blood stasis constitution.

Other herbal remedies used for menorrhagia

The three types of herbal medicines that are commonly used for menorrhagia are the three types mentioned above, but other herbal medicines may be used depending on the symptoms . Here, we will delve deeper into Chinese herbal medicines that are used for excessive menstruation.

Kamikihito (Kamihikito)

Kamikihito is a Chinese herbal medicine containing 14 kinds of herbal medicines, including ginseng, licorice root, and large jujube, which provide nutrients to the body.

As you can see from the fact that Kamikihito contains many herbal medicines that provide nutrition, it is often used for people with weak constitutions such as those with weak stomachs or who get tired easily .

Kamikihito is a Kampo prescription called Kihito, which I will introduce later, and Kamikihito is added with Chaihu and Sankiko to not only enhance the function of the spleen (which produces energy from food), It also enhances the functions of the liver (which circulates blood and qi throughout the body and stabilizes emotions) and the heart (which circulates blood throughout the body and maintains mental activity). .

Therefore, it is a suitable drug for insomnia and neurological symptoms and mental anxiety caused by fatigue and insomnia due to lack of physical strength.

It not only supplements energy, but also has a direct effect of stabilizing the mind.

Kogikuji Ougan

Sogikuchi Kogan is a Chinese herbal medicine containing 8 types of crude drugs such as chrysanthemum (Kikuka), jiou (Jiou), and wild medicine (Sanyaku).

It has the effect of promoting the metabolism of water and cooling the body moderately. Therefore, it is also effective for symptoms related to water excretion such as hot flashes, hot flashes, dizziness caused by body heat buildup, swelling, and dysuria .

In addition, since the inside of the eyeball is filled with water, it can be expected to improve blurred vision and tired eyes. At menopause age, it can be used not only for menopausal symptoms, but also for eye and urinary problems that occur with age.

Tenno Hojingan

Tenno Hoshingan contains 11 types of herbal medicines such as Jiou, Touki, and Bellflower.

As the name suggests, it has the effect of supplementing the mind in Chinese medicine, and is effective for weakened physical strength and weak constitution caused by not being able to circulate nutrients well throughout the body .

It is used for various symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, stiff shoulders, and palpitations that appear due to poor nutrition, and is often used by menopausal women.

Kyuki Kyogaitou

Gekikyogaito is a Chinese herbal medicine that contains 7 types of herbal medicines such as Jiou, Peony, and Touki.

Gekikyogaito warms the body and replenishes nutrients that tend to be lost due to bleeding, while suppressing bleeding.

Therefore, it is recommended for people who are prone to cold or who are prone to bleeding . It is effective not only for gynecological symptoms such as excessive menstruation, irregular menstruation, and irregular bleeding, but also for systemic bleeding symptoms such as hemorrhoids and subcutaneous bleeding.


Onkeito is a Chinese herbal medicine containing 12 kinds of herbal medicines such as hange, licorice, and bakumondo.

Onkeito warms the body and compensates for the lack of blood due to blood deficiency . Blood stasis introduced earlier means blood stagnation, but blood ischemia represents the state of lack of blood.

No matter how much blood circulation is improved, people with blood deficiency will not be able to improve their symptoms unless they are compensated for because they lack the nutrients that flow through the blood in the first place. Insufficient blood supply to the uterus can also lead to infertility and irregular menstruation.

Onkeito improves symptoms such as cold hands and feet, rough skin, dryness, and fatigue associated with blood deficiency. It is also used as a prescription for infertile women.


Orengedokuto is a Chinese herbal medicine that contains 4 types of crude drugs: Ougon, Sanshishi, Ouren, and Oubaku.

Orengedokuto has the effect of cooling the body and excreting unnecessary substances .

Therefore, it is effective for improving symptoms that are often seen in menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, dizziness, and palpitations, which are caused by heat buildup in the upper body, and for reddish (strongly inflammatory) pimples and stomatitis that appear before menstruation. .

It is also used for mental symptoms such as feeling overwhelmed and irritated by having a fever in the upper body.


As the name suggests, Kihito is a herbal medicine that is very similar to Kamikihito. The difference is that Kihito does not contain Saiko and Sanshishi, but consists of 12 kinds of herbal medicines. As the name suggests, Kamikihito is made by adding herbal medicines to Kihito.

As the name suggests, Kihito enhances the functions of the spleen in Chinese medicine. For this reason, Kihito, like Kamikihito, is mainly effective as a nutritional supplement for people with a weak constitution.In addition, it is also effective for insomnia, anxiety, and depressive symptoms caused by declining physical strength .

Kihito's main effect is to supplement nutrition and help create energy, so it can be said that it has less effect on the liver and mind than Kamikihito.


Sankoshashinto is a relatively simple herbal medicine that consists of three types of crude drugs: Ougon, Oren, and Rhubarb. It is called Sankoshashinto because it is composed of herbal medicines containing three “yellows”.

The character '瀉' originally meant to drain, and as the name suggests, it has the role of draining and calming down the excessive excitement of the 'mind'.

Therefore, it improves the symptoms of those with red face, hot flashes, irritability, and high blood pressure. It is a herbal medicine that is perfect for cooling the body heat and calming the mind .

How to get Chinese herbs commonly used for menorrhagia

We have introduced herbal medicines recommended for excessive menstruation, but we will introduce how to obtain these herbal medicines.

Recently, it has become possible to easily purchase it at drugstores, but there are many people who feel uneasy about choosing on their own. Therefore, I will explain how to obtain Chinese herbal medicine after consulting with an expert .

See a doctor and get a prescription

It is a way to visit a hospital and get a prescription for Chinese medicine. Basically, it is recommended to see a gynecologist from the symptoms of excessive menstruation, but it is also one way to first see an internal medicine where you can have a comprehensive examination .

In the past, many doctors preferred Western medicine to Kampo medicine, but now that the effects of Kampo medicine are gaining attention, more and more doctors are prescribing it.

If there is a Chinese herbal medicine that you would like to try, ask for advice such as, "I want to try this herbal medicine, but is it suitable for me?"

You can receive a medical interview supervised by a doctor for free on LINE

For those who can't easily visit a hospital, such as "I don't have time to go to a hospital" or "I want to go to a gynecologist instead of an internal medicine doctor but it's not near me", there is also a method of using online "custom-made Kampo". I have.

Medical professionals such as doctors and pharmacists prescribe Kampo medicines according to your concerns . In addition to excessive menstruation, we will select the recommended herbal medicine based on comprehensively considering symptoms peculiar to menstruation such as anemia, menstrual pain, and irritability.

The price is reasonable, and you can easily take medical interviews via LINE, so even if you just consult about your worries, it will help you to relieve your anxiety and take countermeasures.

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This time, we introduced the causes of the symptoms of "hypermenorrhea", which is more bleeding than usual, and the herbal medicines used.

  • Herbal medicine for menorrhagia
  • Tokishakuyakusan (commonly used)
  • Kamishoyosan (commonly used)
  • Keishibukuryogan (commonly used)
  • Kamikihito
  • Kikuchi Komaru
  • Tenno Hoshinmaru
  • Kuki Kyou Tou
  • Onkeiyu
  • Orengedokuto
  • Kihito
  • Sankoshashinto

These herbal medicines need to be used properly depending on the symptoms, so using this herbal medicine may not be effective for everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please consult your doctor or pharmacist . Also, in that case, it is even better if you can tell us exactly what kind of symptoms you have as much as possible.

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