Menopause|Introducing herbal medicines effective for hot flashes

If you are experiencing symptoms of hot flashes, such as "hot face and head sweating", "hot body and hands and feet", it may be menopausal hot flashes. There are individual differences in how menopausal symptoms appear, but for those who strongly feel hot flashes and hot flashes, the symptoms may be relieved by improving the abnormalities of "qi", "blood" circulation, and "water". Here, we will introduce how to relieve hot flashes, focusing on Chinese medicine. Find out in this article
  • Hot flash symptoms and causes
  • Herbs effective for hot flashes
  • How to get rid of hot flashes without Chinese medicine

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What is a hot flash

Hot flashes are one of the symptoms of menopause, and are symptoms such as hot flashes, hot flashes, and sweating. It often develops without being in the surrounding environment, and is one of the worries of many women who have reached menopause. "Hot flashes" refers to an abnormal feeling of heat in the body. When the hot flash occurs on the head or face, it is called "nohote". These symptoms are commonly experienced by women during menopause and are collectively known as hot flashes.

Causes of hot flashes

Hot flashes that occur during menopause are thought to be caused by female hormone imbalance and autonomic nervous system disturbances . It is thought that this occurs when estrogen, the female hormone, decreases, hormonal balance is disrupted, and the autonomic nervous system, which regulates various physiological phenomena in the body, including body temperature regulation, fails to function properly. Disturbances in hormones and autonomic nerves are thought to cause constriction and dilation of blood vessels. Hot flashes occur when blood vessels dilate and blood flow increases.

herbal remedies for hot flashes

In the concept of Kampo medicine, rather than improving specific symptoms, treatment is carried out in a way that restores the state and balance of the body as a whole to a normal state . In Kampo medicine, the body is believed to be supported by three pillars: “ki,” “blood,” and “water.” I think it's coming from the collapse of the pillar. By balancing these three pillars, the symptoms will be resolved. Kampo has different effects depending on the individual, so it is important to find the one that suits you.


It is one of the three major herbal medicines for gynecology, and the main drug, cinnamon, is a plant derived from plants that are familiar with cinnamon. By improving blood circulation, it has the effect of removing hot flashes and refreshing your head . Bukuryo has a calming effect and promotes the flow of water in the body. People who are suitable for Keishibukuryogan are those who have a relatively good physique and are strong, and those who have red face, hot flashes, and strong sweating symptoms. 1)

Toki shakuyakusan

One of the three major herbal medicines in gynecology, it compensates for the lack of "blood" that expresses blood circulation disorders and congestion, improves blood circulation throughout the body, and has the effect of warming the body . It is mainly used for people who get tired easily, have a cold lower body, tend to be anemic and have a little swelling, dizziness, headache, and stiff shoulders. 1)


One of the three major herbal medicines in gynecology, it can be expected to be effective for symptoms peculiar to women such as menstrual disorders and menopausal disorders. It is said to improve the circulation of "blood" and "water" by improving the flow of "qi". It is suitable for people with mental anxiety, such as feeling depressed or irritated. It is used for people who are weak and have stiff shoulders, dizziness, and headaches.


It is a Chinese medicine for those who have relatively physical strength. Effective for hot flashes and insomnia. Orengedokuto has the effect of lowering the heat that is trapped in the upper part of the body, and is a representative of Chinese medicine that has the effect of cooling the body heat . It is suitable for those who have physical strength and those who have strong hot flashes and irritation.

Other | How to get rid of hot flashes

If you think that you may have a hot flash , take a deep breath with abdominal breathing, relax your mind and body with aroma, prepare your autonomic nerves, and calm your mind. You can get rid of it by cooling down your body, such as by putting it on or resting in a cool room.

Relax with belly breathing and calming postures

Consciously take a deep breath and relax. 3 times a day is fine. Deep breathing makes the parasympathetic nerves dominant through the autonomic nerves and relieves hot flashes. It is also recommended to incorporate aromas and herbal teas that have a calming effect. Peppermint, lemon, cypress, geranium, lavender, and clary sage are said to calm and prevent hot flashes .

Cool the neck and body to lower body temperature

It is also effective to physically improve hot flashes and sweating of the body. It can also be solved by wearing breathable clothes to prevent heat from accumulating in the body, ventilating the room to keep it cool, and cooling the neck with a wet towel or wet tissue. It cools the heat of the whole body by cooling the heat of the thick blood vessels that run near the neck.

press the pressure point

Acupuncture points are also effective for improving hot flashes. For hot flashes, there is a pressure point called Taisho where the bones of the big toe and index finger meet, and a pressure point called Hyakue on the top of the head. We recommend the pot called Gokoku, which is located in the hollow at the intersection.

In this way, let's press the points that match your symptoms. Shokai, which is located directly below the inner ankle of the foot and is said to have the effect of adjusting hormone balance, can also be expected to be effective in improving hot flashes. When pressing the pressure points on your body, apply pressure slowly and apply enough strength that you feel a little pain but feel good .

improved diet

If you have irregular eating habits, the balance of the autonomic nervous system is likely to be disturbed, and as a result, the hormone balance is also disturbed.
Among them, there is a research report from the George Washington University School of Medicine that soy isoflavones, which have effects similar to female hormones, are effective in reducing hot flashes . According to the report, nearly 60% of women who followed a plant-based diet, including soy, had no moderate to severe hot flashes, and 79% of all hot flashes, including mild ones. Decreased. 2)

A substance called equol, which is produced in the body by intestinal bacteria from isoflavones contained in soybeans, is thought to be involved in reducing the occurrence and severity of hot flashes. 3)

Furthermore, in a study conducted on 393 postmenopausal women in Iran that investigated the relationship between carbohydrate intake and menopausal symptoms, it was found that the higher the intake of high-quality carbohydrates with a low GI value, the greater the effect of menopause. It was also found to reduce the physical and psychological symptoms of Four)

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Treat hot flashes with herbal medicine

We introduced various improvement methods, but we recommend Kampo as a natural solution, which is based on the idea of ​​fundamentally improving the balance of the body, rather than temporarily relieving symptoms. Kampo may not be effective if it is not taken correctly. Excessive intake or taking multiple herbal medicines at the same time may disturb the balance of the herbal medicines contained in each herbal medicine and diminish its effectiveness. Since some medicines have contradictory effects, it is recommended that you take them according to the advice of a specialist such as a doctor or pharmacist who has the correct knowledge .

I want to try Kampo, but I don't know which one to choose. There is a Chinese medicine online purchase service that is perfect for women with anxiety and doubts. With the Kampo online purchase service, you can receive a simple free medical interview on LINE, and medical experts such as gynecologists and pharmacists will propose high-quality Kampo that suits you at a price that is easy to continue.

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We introduced methods to reduce and improve the symptoms of hot flashes and hot flashes that are easy to feel during menopause. First of all, it is important to reduce stress, which is one of the causes, and balance your mind and body while incorporating methods that you can easily do by yourself.

If it still does not improve or if there is no effect that you can feel in your body, we recommend that you incorporate Chinese medicine . Consult with a Kampo specialist or pharmacist and start a Kampo life that suits you so that you can continue to take what suits your body without stress.

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