What Causes Stomach Pain Before Menstruation? Possibility of pregnancy and PMS | Introduction of immediate measures

Stomach pain, including stomach pain due to stress, usually occurs when too much stomach acid is produced and damages the gastric mucosa. In addition, women often complain of stomach pain before menstruation, and it is said that this is caused by the contraction of the stomach wall due to the imbalance of female hormones. Find out what causes premenstrual stomach pain, how it works, and how to treat it.

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  • What is premenstrual stomach pain?
  • What causes stomach pain before menstruation?
  • Is there a way to relieve stomach pain before menstruation?
  • Is there a way to fundamentally improve the cause of premenstrual stomach pain?

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What is premenstrual stomach pain

Premenstrual stomach pain is a tingling and tingling pain in the stomach that occurs at a fixed timing before menstruation . In some cases, the pain spreads widely to the pit of the stomach and back, and in some cases it does not improve even if you lie down or do anything.

Stomach pain is often caused by stress or gastritis, so it is easy to misunderstand that it is a disorder caused by stress. There is a possibility.

What Causes Stomach Pain Before Menstruation?

Stomach pain is often caused by gastritis such as reflux esophagitis, a heavy stomach, or stress. Other stomach pains occur at certain times during a woman's menstrual cycle. This is because before menstruation, a substance called prostaglandin, which has the effect of contracting the uterus, is secreted, but since this prostaglandin also has the effect of contracting the stomach and intestines, it causes stomach pain, upset stomach, and nausea. is said to cause

Stomach pain can also occur during early pregnancy. Progesterone secreted from the ovaries after ovulation has the effect of continuing pregnancy, but it is said that this progesterone causes stomach pain.

Premenstrual Stomach Pain | Temporary Remedy to Relieve Pain

Premenstrual stomach pain is ideal to find out the root cause and solve it, but it's easier just to know what to do when it happens. Here are some ways you can do it yourself without going to the hospital, such as improving your posture, warming up your body, and eating between meals .

take a comfortable posture

When you have a stomach ache, there is a posture that relieves the pain. It is not possible to generalize because comfortable postures and postures differ from person to person, but it is said that the posture of curling the body, which is generally called “crouching,” warms the abdomen and has the effect of relieving pain . .

Some people find that just sleeping on their side with their knees slightly bent relieves the pain.

In some cases, sleeping on your back can also help relieve pain. It is said that this is because the pressure on the blood vessels and nerves on the back side is reduced, and blood circulation in the lower back improves. However, since there are individual differences in posture, it is best to rest your stomach in the position that is most comfortable for you.

warm the body

Warming up the body is also said to be good for relieving stomach pain. Due to the vasoconstrictive action of prostaglandins secreted before menstruation, the body becomes cold easily. Since stomach pain may be aggravated by coldness, it is important not to exacerbate the coldness by drinking warm drinks or directly warming the body .

snack a little to avoid hunger

Stomach pain tends to get worse when you're hungry, so if you're having premenstrual stomach pain, try to avoid being hungry. Stomach pain on an empty stomach is caused by stomach acid irritating the stomach wall. Stomach acid is a strong acid that helps digest food.

Normally, the stomach protects itself by secreting mucus to prevent it from being dissolved by stomach acid, but if a large amount of stomach acid is secreted during an empty stomach, the stomach acid irritates the stomach mucosa and causes pain. happen. In order to prevent stomach acid irritation, it is important to regularly consume small amounts of foods such as milk and yogurt that form a film on the inside of the stomach to protect it from stomach acid .

To eliminate the cause of premenstrual stomach pain fundamentally

If you have a stomachache, make it a habit to find out the cause of your stomachache by reviewing your lifestyle, such as whether you are overstimulating your stomach by eating or drinking too much, and whether you are feeling stressed. It is important to be conscious of improving lifestyle habits to eliminate the cause of stomach pain rather than treating symptomatic treatment with medicine etc. after stomach pain occurs .

Taking over-the-counter medicines is dangerous! to the hospital first

If you have gastrointestinal disorders during the premenstrual period, you may have stomach pain that is not a PMS symptom, so be careful. Stomach pain is one of the symptoms of many ailments, and there are many over-the-counter medications available to relieve stomach pain.

However, if you have a stomach ache whose cause is not clearly understood, such as a temporary one caused by overeating, do not take over-the-counter medicines and get diagnosed and treated at a medical institution. In particular, women who may become pregnant should consult their doctor before trying over-the-counter drugs, as some drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy.

Try to eat foods that are easy on the stomach

For people who are prone to stomach pain, it is important to try to eat a diet that does not put a burden on the stomach.

Refrain from irritants such as foods that make your body feel cold, fatty foods, sugar, caffeine, spicy foods, and foods that are too hot as much as possible. Soy foods such as natto and tofu, which are said to help balance hormones, and soups with plenty of vegetables that are well-balanced and nutritious will warm your body, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

In addition, chicken, beef, pork, and blue fish, which contain high-quality protein that regulates the condition of the body, are also recommended for those who have stomachache before menstruation. Lightly seasoned, we recommend soups or steamed dishes where you can enjoy the taste of the ingredients.


It is said that stress is one of the causes of stomach pain, so be conscious of not accumulating stress. In addition, when stress builds up, the body becomes cold and blood circulation deteriorates, and when menstrual blood is discharged, the contraction of the uterus increases and menstrual pain may worsen abdominal pain and stomach pain, so warm the body to improve blood circulation. It is important to do well.

relieve constipation

It is said that constipation tends to occur before menstruation. Constipation is greatly affected by the balance of two types of female hormones in a woman's physical condition .

One of the female hormones, the luteinizing hormone, facilitates the implantation of a fertilized egg and maintains the state of being able to conceive. At the same time, since it acts to slow down the movement of the intestines, constipation is likely to occur from the day of ovulation to the period before menstruation, when the amount of progesterone secretion increases.

At the same time, the balance of the autonomic nervous system changes, and the sympathetic nervous system becomes dominant. Generally speaking, when the sympathetic nervous system is dominant, the body is in a tense state, making constipation more likely.

It is important to keep your intestines healthy by eating a diet that does not cause constipation, and by doing light exercise and stretching.

stabilize hormonal balance

Hormonal balance is important for women to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When the balance of hormones is disturbed, the balance of the autonomic nervous system also collapses, and the functions of the body that are unconsciously controlled such as breathing, metabolism, and digestion are disturbed. As a result, it causes various symptoms such as headache, palpitations, insomnia, hot flashes, excessive sweating, etc., and mental and physical disorders appear.

It is important to be aware of lifestyle habits such as diet, exercise, and sleep, which are said to affect hormone balance, and to stabilize hormone balance .

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Many women suffer from stomach pains during PMS symptoms. In particular , stomach pain is said to be exacerbated by stress, so it is important to be aware of your posture, diet, and lifestyle habits, and to live a relaxed life so that you do not accumulate stress on a daily basis . If stomach pain persists for a long time or does not improve, it is recommended that you see a doctor.

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