I want to cure acne scars | Should I go to a cosmetic dermatologist? An overview of costs, treatment methods, etc.

Are you worried about acne scars that you thought would disappear someday? Acne scars are difficult to get rid of on your own. Therefore, many people are wondering if they should go to a dermatologist. However, dermatologists may not be able to provide satisfactory treatment due to insurance coverage. Therefore, we will introduce the reasons why cosmetic dermatology is recommended for the treatment of acne scars and the timing of hospital visits. If you are worried about acne scars, please treat it with a cosmetic dermatologist and get a beautiful skin without acne scars.

Find out in this article
  • Difference between dermatology and cosmetic dermatology
  • Acne scar treatment that can only be done by a cosmetic dermatologist
  • Reasons why a cosmetic dermatologist is recommended for acne scars
  • What are acne scars

Acne scars are dents, redness, and pigmentation that remain on the skin after acne has healed. Some people are worried that the acne scars they made when they were in high school won't go away. If the acne is minor, it will heal without leaving any scars. However, if the acne is crushed or the inflammation is prolonged without proper treatment, the acne bacteria can reach the dermis deep inside the skin. The damage done to the dermis in this way is difficult to repair, and may remain as acne scars. In addition, inflammation tends to continue for a long time when the barrier function of the skin is reduced due to dryness or hormonal imbalance. Inflamed pimples spread and get worse, leaving behind brown acne scars.

Difference between dermatology and cosmetic dermatology

Let's take a look at the differences between dermatology and cosmetic dermatology. Dermatology aims at treating diseases. Specifically, it deals with the treatment of atopic dermatitis, rashes, and hives. Because it is a treatment for a disease, it is often covered by insurance. On the other hand, cosmetic dermatology aims to make the skin more beautiful. Therefore, most of them are self-pay. In other words, dermatologists can only treat within the scope of insurance coverage, but cosmetic dermatologists can receive various treatment methods according to skin problems.

How to treat acne scars at a cosmetic dermatologist

How does a dermatologist treat acne scars? Here, we will explain internal medicines, topical medicines, comedone injection therapy, and local steroid injections.

<h3>Oral Medications</h3>

Oral medicines that are often prescribed for acne scars by cosmetic dermatologists are mainly vitamins. For example, vitamin C suppresses the production of melanin, which is one of the causes of acne scars, and reduces redness. In addition, medicines containing B vitamins promote skin turnover and play a role in maintaining normal skin condition. Vitamin E also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Oral medicines containing these vitamins are prescribed depending on the skin troubles and the degree of acne scars.

<h3>External Medications</h3>

In parallel with the treatment of acne scars, it is also important not to exacerbate existing acne and to change the skin quality to make it less prone to acne. Adapalene and Bepio are among the topical drugs that are used to condition the skin in the future. Adapalene is said to be highly effective in improving comedones, which is said to be the cause of acne, and suppresses the formation of new comedones by normalizing the keratinization of the hair follicle epithelium1). It has also been reported that adapalene can prevent inflammatory acne lesions that follow the comedones, and that adapalene itself has a direct anti-inflammatory effect1). In addition, topical antibiotics and antifungal agents may also be used.

<h3>Comedone Expression Therapy (Comedo Expression)</h3>

Comedo extraction therapy (comedo extrusion) is a treatment that uses a laser to make small holes one by one at the apex of the comedone and pushes out the comedo using a device called a comedo set. It is said that you shouldn't pop pimples, but this method using a laser leaves almost no marks. It also has the advantage that inflammation is less likely to remain because the acne can be cured in a short period of time by squeezing. Because it is an established treatment method and is covered by insurance, it is recommended as an option for acne treatment1).

<h3>Local steroid injection</h3>

After the acne has healed, there may be a lump left on the skin, or it may swell with redness. Steroid local injection is used as a treatment for hypertrophic scars that have become raised among acne scars. Steroids can soften hypertrophic scars and gradually flatten raised areas of skin. However, since it is a strong steroid, it cannot be used by people with peptic ulcers, high blood pressure, or diabetes. It is important to proceed with treatment after consulting with your doctor.

Reasons why a cosmetic dermatologist is recommended for treating acne scars

In dermatology, the purpose is to "treat skin diseases", which refers to the treatment of "acne". It can be said that there is a limit to the treatment of "acne scars" in dermatology. Here, we will answer in detail the question "Should I go to a cosmetic dermatologist for acne scar treatment?"

health insurance applies

Currently, there are many people who are worried about acne scars and have acne that requires treatment. Treatment of acne scars is self-financed, but treatment of acne is covered by insurance in most cases. However, general dermatologists can only provide treatments that are covered by health insurance. However, at a cosmetic dermatology clinic, apart from treating acne scars at your own expense, you can choose to have your acne covered by insurance. Depending on the drug used, treatment method, age, and the municipality where you live, if the treatment is covered by insurance, you will only have to pay about 30% of the cost of the treatment.

less frequent hospital visits

The treatment of acne scars is different from the so-called disease, and it is rare that the condition suddenly worsens. Treatments such as lasers and chemical peels performed at cosmetic dermatologists require a period of rest for the skin, so visits to the hospital are infrequent. It depends on the treatment content, but at most it will be once every 2 to 3 weeks, that is, once every 1 to 2 months. In addition, many cosmetic dermatologists have a complete reservation system. Dermatologists tend to have long waiting times depending on the time of year, but cosmetic dermatologists can reduce the stress of going to the hospital.

Gives you beautiful skin with the right treatment for your skin

Cosmetic dermatology treatment is not just about erasing acne scars. It is possible to aim for more beautiful skin by performing appropriate treatments that suit your skin and concerns. Even if you say acne scars, the treatment method changes depending on various symptoms such as redness, pigmentation, and dents. Some treatments are painful, but you can also use an anesthetic cream in advance. In cosmetic dermatology, not only the difference in acne scars, but also treatment methods that meet each person's wishes, such as lifestyle, financial aspects, and the desire to quickly erase acne scars even if the pain is severe, are available.

Medical cosmetics can be purchased

Treatments such as lasers and chemical peels performed by cosmetic dermatologists are of course effective, but daily care is also important. Cosmetic dermatology sells original therapeutic drugs and medical cosmetics. Acne scars disappear faster and more effectively by performing treatment at a cosmetic dermatologist and treatment at home as a set. Cosmetic dermatologists recommend medical cosmetics that suit your skin type. As a result, skin troubles such as unsuitable skin and exacerbation of acne in the future can be minimized.

Solves skin problems other than acne scars

Dermatologists treat a wide variety of skin problems and concerns. Here, we will introduce “Takami Clinic”, which not only treats acne and acne scars, but also solves general skin problems. At Takami Clinic, we offer carefully selected treatments using aesthetic medical equipment that can only be used at medical institutions. Therefore, it is easy to feel the effect even after one treatment. Cosmetic dermatology has an image of a high threshold, but a trial plan limited to the first time is also available. If you are suffering from skin problems, why not give it a try?

If you are concerned about acne caused by hormonal imbalance

The female sex hormones are estrogen and progesterone, and they are in balance. However, when progesterone secretion increases due to factors such as stress and lack of sleep, sebum secretion is promoted, which causes acne 2). If you feel that your acne may be caused by a hormonal imbalance, why not try the hormone test "Canvas" that you can do at home? By testing with the Canvas Fertility Kit, you can not only check your body for pregnancy, but also how your hormones are affecting your current physical condition.

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Acne treatment and acne scar treatment look the same, but the treatment methods are actually very different. Therefore, even if you visit a general dermatologist, you can only receive treatment within the scope of insurance coverage, and as a result, symptoms may be prolonged. If you are wondering whether to choose a dermatologist or a cosmetic dermatologist for the treatment of acne and acne scars, we recommend treatment at a cosmetic dermatologist. If you are a cosmetic dermatologist, you may be able to solve all your skin problems all at once, so please visit once.


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