[Press Release] "Canvas Menopause Fact Book", which summarizes the results of canvas users from the perspective of menopause, has been released.


“Canvas Menopause Fact Book”, which summarizes the data of those who use canvas from the perspective of menopause, will be available for free on the official website (URL: https://bit.ly/3F0WFvN ) from Friday, October 21, 2022. Published.

~ World's first data! The first fact book for the pre-menopausal generation ~

■ Background to creating the “canvas Menopause Fact Book”

Through the provision of the healthcare service “canvas”, we are working to support the realization of diverse lifestyles with the aim of making hormone care “natural” for women.

Menopause is something that all women experience, and it refers to the 10 years around the age of 50 (around 45 to 55 years old) when menopause occurs. Currently, approximately 1 billion women (12% of the population) worldwide are in menopause, and it is said that this number will increase to approximately 1.6 billion by 2050.

In addition, menopause often overlaps with busy life stages such as childcare and promotion, and has a great impact on women's lives. According to the data of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Japan is considered to be an advanced country in menopause. It is the current situation.

Therefore, in order to better understand the conditions of those who are approaching menopause, to help women who are actually in trouble, and to contribute to further medical development, we are conducting a canvas examination. We decided to present the data as a report.

This factbook summarizes the world's first data showing the hormonal status of women in Asia who have not yet consulted a medical institution, especially those who are beginning to experience fluctuations in female hormones, which is called "pre-menopause." If you are in your late 30s or early 40s and have recently felt tired, stiff shoulders, or menopausal-like symptoms, don't leave them alone. .

We hope that this will lead to greater public awareness of menopause, and that it will lead to the improvement of menopausal life for many people.


■ Overview of fact book

Title: Canvas Menopause Fact Book

Supervision: Tokyo Medical and Dental University Professor Koichi Terauchi, canvas supervising doctor Hiroto Maeda

URL: https://bit.ly/3F0WFvN

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