Should I not shave my whole body? Introducing recommended hair removal areas and timing

There are many people who are considering full body or partial hair removal so that they do not have to deal with unwanted hair themselves. In fact , hair removal not only saves time and effort for self-treatment, but also has the advantage of helping to eliminate skin problems. So, in this article, we will explain the recommended parts and timing of hair removal. If you're wondering if you're going to cut your hair, please refer to it.

Find out in this article

  • What is full body hair removal
  • Disadvantages of body hair removal
  • people who recommend hair removal
  • Recommended parts and timing for hair removal

What is full body hair removal

Whole body hair removal is the removal of hair from the entire body. With full body hair removal, you don't need to deal with unwanted hair on a daily basis, and you can clean the back, VIO, nape, etc., which are difficult to handle by yourself. However, even if you say "whole body", the range of hair removal varies depending on the clinic. Most clinics treat areas such as the armpits, legs, arms, and back, but there are some that only treat certain parts of the body, so it varies from clinic to clinic. If you want to have full body hair removal, check the website in advance about the range of hair removal. In addition, there are cosmetic hair removal and medical hair removal as hair removal methods, but medical hair removal is recommended because it has a high hair removal effect. If you want to keep your whole body clean, we recommend choosing a clinic that offers medical hair removal to every corner of your body.

Disadvantages of body hair removal

Whole body hair removal has the advantage of saving you the trouble of removing unwanted hair and cleaning areas that are difficult to treat yourself, but it has the disadvantage of taking a long time and increasing the number of treatments. Since there are many parts to be treated for whole body hair removal, the treatment time per time is about 3 hours, which is inevitably long. Since it is necessary to perform treatments regularly according to the hair cycle, it is a good idea to choose a clinic that is easy to attend.

Who is recommended for hair removal?

Hair removal is especially recommended for people who:

  • I want to save time and effort to process unwanted hair
  • I want to get rid of skin problems
If you remove the hair and the unwanted hair is gone, you can save the time and effort that you have spent on self-treatment. If you remove hair from areas that are difficult to see, such as the back, VIO, and nape, or areas that require time and effort to self-process, you will be able to save more time and effort and feel more comfortable. Also, if you self-treat, you may have skin problems such as scratching your skin with a razor or getting bumps. Hair removal eliminates the need for self-treatment, so it also leads to the elimination of skin problems. Depending on the clinic, there are also machines that have a beautiful skin effect, so you can expect beautiful skin.

Areas recommended for hair removal

There are many parts that can be depilated, but I will introduce which parts should be depilated. For those who are wondering whether it is better not to remove hair, we will introduce recommended parts, so please consider positively.

Areas with little downy hair

When removing hair, it is recommended to select a part with as little hair as possible and perform the treatment. Hair removal uses light or laser to react with the melanin contained in the hair and destroy the hair root. Since the downy hair has little pigment, it is said that it is difficult to remove hair even if it is exposed to light or laser. If you want to remove downy hair, you need to choose a hair removal machine that is also effective in removing downy hair. However, depending on the clinic, some machines may not be available, so if you want to remove downy hair, check in advance.

Areas that are difficult to process

Popular areas for hair removal are the armpits, under the elbows, under the knees, and for men, the beard. Because you want to keep it clean all the time, we recommend depilation to save you the trouble of taking care of it frequently. In addition, it is also recommended to clean the parts that are troublesome to self-treat, such as the back, VIO, and nape. Let's clean the parts that require frequent care or that are troublesome with hair removal.

Areas of concern due to excessive hair volume

It is also recommended for hair removal in areas where there is a lot of hair. Hair removal not only prevents hair from growing back, but also reduces the amount of hair. Since hair loss gradually decreases with each treatment, it is possible to adjust the amount of hair by finishing the hair removal when the desired amount of hair is reached. Some people, especially VIO, do hair removal to reduce the amount of hair instead of completely removing it. If you have areas where you are concerned about the amount of hair, please consider removing hair.

Best time to shave

There is a recommended timing for hair removal. If the timing is not right, it may damage your skin, or you may not be able to attend the treatment and it may take time to complete the hair removal, so do not miss the time to remove the hair. If you are wondering whether to remove hair, please consider it early so that you can remove hair at a good timing.

Time to visit regularly

The best time to start hair removal is when you can secure the time to go regularly. Because you need to go regularly to match the hair cycle. Therefore, start at a time when you have plenty of time and can go regularly. Even if there is an interval between treatments, the effect of hair removal can be obtained, but if you want to complete hair removal in a short period of time, start when you have time.

Time to hide skin from autumn to spring

It is recommended to remove hair during the period from autumn to spring when the skin is not exposed much. This is because sun exposure reduces the effectiveness of hair removal. Since the hair removal machine irradiates the black part of the skin to remove hair, it is difficult to obtain an effect if the skin is dark. If you are too tanned, you may not be able to receive the treatment, and if you are exposed to strong UV rays after the treatment, it may cause skin problems such as pigmentation and spots. Also, from autumn to spring, it tends to be easier to get appointments at clinics and salons. Since it is easy to make a schedule for going to the hospital, it is recommended to perform hair removal at a time when it is easier to make an appointment.


By doing hair removal, you can save the hassle and time of processing unwanted hair, and it will lead to the elimination of skin troubles. For those who want to remove hair from many parts in the future, it is recommended that you use full-body hair removal because it allows you to remove hair efficiently. Also, if you want to expect a high hair removal effect, choose medical hair removal over cosmetic hair removal. For those who are hesitating about full body hair removal, if there are parts that are troublesome to self-process or areas that are concerned about a lot of hair, why not positively consider partial hair removal?